Want to act opposite Shraddha Kapoor: 'Bigg Boss 10' winner Manveer Gurjar

Lonavala: After a tiring remain of more than 100 days in a bolted up house here, Manveer Gurjar, who entered “Bigg Boss 10” as a feature of the ‘aam aadmi’ unforeseen, has hurled a murmur of help on being named the victor. He is currently peering toward a profession in TV shows and movies, and has his concentration right — a Bollywood make a big appearance with on-screen character Shraddha Kapoor.

Gotten some information about his tentative arrangements, Manveer told IANS here: “I am overpowered with the adoration and bolster that I have from the general population of our nation. Subsequently, I am yet to make my arrangement. Having said that, I need to act in Hindi movies and might want to act inverse Shraddha Kapoor for my presentation film.”

“Bigg Boss 10” began as a fight between big name candidates and ordinary people. The show arrived at an end on Sunday night, with VJ Bani Judge as the principal runner-up and previous lovely lady Lopamudra Raut securing the third spot.

“My excursion inside the house was not under any condition simple and inside three weeks I had a craving for surrendering. In any case, Manu (Punjabi) and I reinforced over numerous things exceptionally well. We upheld each other and that made the adventure simple for the two of us. Our holding, without a doubt, was a quality for me.”

“I even told Salman (Khan) sir that his (Manu’s) support was a commitment to my survival,” Manveer included.

A Noida kid, Manveer feels since his newly discovered big name status is a by-result of his spell on TV, he needs to proceed with his relationship with the little screen — be it by the method for tying down shows or even every day cleansers.

Manveer likewise said he has turned out as a more develop individual in the wake of managing “troublesome” individuals like Swami Omji Maharaj, an otherworldly pioneer who made a great deal of ruckus inside the “Bigg Boss” house and battled with every one of the members.

“I think now I can deal with any troublesome circumstance and manage anybody,” he said.

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