Veera and Baldev break up by misunderstanding and low trust in Veera

Veera cries thinking Baldev can never change and she has broke up with him, after going his home and slapping him. She feels maybe she is wrong and should find out the truth. Ranvi says people become good in love and you loved Baldev, and if he could not change, then he will never change. Veera prays in the Gurudwara and says something should happen that Ranvi and Baldev are proved innocent. Jaggi and Billa scold Teja and Navjot. Billay says why should Baldev get punished, and he lost respect too, what about it. Veera thinks to call Baldev, but he won’t take it. She thinks to go to shade and see if he is there.

Jaggi says how can you put wine in Baldev’s godown, be ashamed, he gave the keys and you did this. Teja says you took it from us and kept it in Ranvi’s godown. Veera hears everything and is shocked. Billa says we will accept our mistake, but Baldev and Veera can’t bear the punishment, lets go to police station. Teja and Navjot start running. Billa and Jaggi catch them. She takes them to the police station. She says Baldev is innocent, he did not know about illegal wine, they did this. Jaggi and Billa tell everything. Even Teja and Navjot accept it. Rajveer says I m glad that you found the truth, now I will make their chargesheet, you go home. She thanks him and leaves. Rajveer beats them for ruining his plan. Balwant tells Baldev about the matter, and how his friends wanted revenge from Ranvi.

Baldev asks how do you know all this. Balwant says they accepted it infront of police, Veera proved you innocent. Veera tries to meet Baldev, but Bansuri and Simran does not allow her. Baldev reads Veera’s love letter and sees her pics. Simran gives him matchbox and asks him to burn Veera’s memories as she does not deserve his love. Baldev comes to the police station and tells Rajveer that he wants to meet his friends. Rajveer says your name is cleared, what will you do meeting them. Baldev says you don’t need to meet them. Rajveer says if they say you made them helpless to accept this blame, and Veera will also believe me, as she regards me right. Baldev says play all evil games, but when I get angry, I won’t care for your uniform.

Gunjan says she is feeling bad that she did not trust Baldev, he told many times and no one trusted him, and we reminded him his old mistakes. She massages Ranvi’s head and he also realizes that he made mistake to blame the innocent. He says if trust breaks, its difficult to earn it. She thinks Ranvi’s peaceful smile is seen after long time, now he will agree to Veera and Baldev’s relation. Baldev tells Veera that if she feels they are not made for each other, lets end it, we are strangers, I will free you of my love as you freed me from the blame. She cries. Veera comes home and cries hugging Chai ji. Veera says he had hope from me that I will support him, but I broke up with him. Gunjan tells Ranvi that Veera is right, Baldev wanted atleast Veera to trust him.

Ranvi says no, its not her mistake, its my mistake, she wanted to go to lawyer and find out the truth, but I stopped her and made her sure that Baldev is the culprit, Veera is bearing this because of me, I won’t let this happen, I will go and talk to Baldev. He goes to apologize to Baldev and gets insulted. Ranvi comes home and tells this to everyone. Veera gets angry and goes to talk to Baldev. Baldev says you came to fight with me when I insulted Ranvi, did you ask him when he insulted me. She says she always fought for him and Ranvi came to say sorry. He says can sorry make things fine, sorry that you were part of my life till now. She gets upset. Rajveer comes home and sees Veera’s pics and life size pic boards.

He says its good that you kicked out Baldev from your life, he did not deserve you, Lord has made me for you. He says its like he made us together, and made me apart, Veera and Rajveer, the man who loves you with madness. Veera sees Baldev’s letter catching fire and saves it by putting off fire by her hands. Bansuri asks Amrit about Simran and Baldev’s marriage. Amrit acts saying she never thought about this. Bansuri says then think now, make the relation fix. Amrit agrees and Bansuri asks Baldev. He takes time to think, and goes to see Veera. Some goons tease Veera seeing her alone and she cries. Who will save Veera now? Keep reading.