Payal informs the media about Avantika’s affair and her son Ayush. She hires a reporter to point on Avantika’s character. Rubel manages the media and asks them to leave. Pankhudi pacifies Ayush. Ayush says why was Adi fighting with them, its bad. Pankhudi says Ayush is scared, take him to room, I will be with Adi. Adi apologizes to Avantika and asks her to follow her routine, what if anyone questions. She says yes, I did not do any mistake, why should I run away, I m ready to face any question. Adi says I love you mum. Rubel sees the news and calls everyone. He shows the news and says this is ridiculous, how did they get accurate details about Ayush.

Rubel says I did not say these details to my friends, it means someone is leaking it. Avantika and Adi are at office and ask Anita to request press to leave. Anita says govt senior have called a meeting. Avantika and Adi come in the meeting. She says I know what printed in newspaper, you all are concerned by it. She says each and every word is true, Ayush is my son, its my personal issue and I don’t think it will affect my work. The man says but this will affect society and people will question on your character. Adi says you can’t say this. Mr Singh says you are public figure and we want to resign from this chair and post. Avantika says I think you have wasted your time, I will not resign.

Avantika says she wants to call press conference and end this issue. Harish thinks Avantika is losing her respect. Avantika addresses the media conference and tells she did not do any mistake to give birth to a child out of wedlock, as she was about to marry Amit but he met with an accident and died. She says now she will give Ayush her name, and pronounces him Ayush Avantika Diwaan. The reporters apologize to her and says it will be printed without editing, it will inspire all women to fight. Avantika apologizes to Harish for hiding this from him, and she knows he is seeing this press conference. She says she is taking Ayush and going to US forever. Harish sees all this on tv and is shocked.

Adi says it means Ayush knew and so he made that painting. Avantika says I have my flight in sometime, I have to go. Adi says he won’t stop her. Avantika leaves with Ayush and Pankhudi. Harish comes there and Harish talks to Avantika and says he was very annoyed, but if he loved, then he has right to be annoyed. He talks to media and gives message. He says only Avantika could have done this, I can’t, it needs courage, I m proud of you. He says I want to say that Ayush is my son too. Ayush will be known as Ayush Harish Kumar. He will be my son. Everyone smile. He asks Avantika to come back home. He goes to get her from airport and comes to know her flight took off. He comes home and cries.

He hears Avantika’s voice at home and senses she is around. He apologizes to her and she comes to him. She says Ayush got her back as he wanted his father. Sheela catches Payal talking to the reporter and scolds her. She tells everyone about Payal’s mistake. Rubel gets angry and asks Payal to leave the house. Avantika and Pankhudi forgive Payal. Avantika gets a surprise. Adi asks Avantika and Harish to go on world tour. Pankhudi says yes. Avantika looks on. Everyone convince her to go for the trip and she agrees. Payal changes and turns positive again as Rubel forgives her. Payal says she made breakfast for Ayush and asks Shanky to take it. Pankhudi sees this and is glad. Payal says you take the duties back, I can’t take what’s yours.

Pankhudi hugs her. She s worried for the tests done. She gets doctor’s call and he says congrats, tests are positive, you are pregnant, we sent the reports by courier, you will get it in evening. She smiles and cries. She says I m mad, I m crying knowing this good news, I will tell everyone. Adi says Kaira is brave girl, I also get worried to become a dad. Pankhudi hears this. Adi says can you imagine Pankhudi if anyone calls you mum, and you run after baby all day, its not easy to raise kids. Pankhudi does not tell him. Later on, Rubel keeps a family function being happy united family.

Adi gets her pregnancy report and is shocked. He gets annoyed as she did not tell him, and leaves from party. Bau ji asks Pankhudi where did Adi go. She says don’t know, Its my mistake, I should have told him. Bua ji says is it that he is not ready for child. Sheela hears them. Sheela discusses this with everyone. They all get worried, and Adi comes back. They have a grand party and does Pankhudi’s baby shower. They all dance together and greet bye to the viewers for their support. The show ended on a happy note.