Varun Dhawan's response to Govinda's INSULTING comments will make you respect him!

Varun, not at all like others didn’t hit back at the veteran on-screen character and this will most likely make you all affection him all the more…

Varun Dhawan has viewed Govinda while he was growing up. So taking up his subtleties and mimicking his style was dependably guaranteed. However, since Govinda’s association with Varun’s daddy David Dhawan has turned sour, the veteran star has just discovered new motivations to hit out at the family.

In the wake of thrashing David, he even offended Varun. While everybody tells Varun is a fascinating blend of Govinda and Salman, Govinda tends to disagree. He pummeled him and said that ‘Varun can never resemble’ him.

Be that as it may, how did Varun respond to every one of these remarks? No, he didn’t slight Govinda. Rather, he took it on his jaw and told in a meeting, “There ought to be feedback. I take in a great deal from feedback. He says there is no comparability amongst him and me which is correct. There can’t be likenesses. He is a senior performer and I regard him. I will never have the capacity to coordinate to him.”

Now that is the thing that you call a deferential man. What’s more, Varun, we cherish all of you the more for this!

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