Grammy winner Sandeep Das LASHES BACK at his detractors, says he was misquoted!

Did the Grammy winning Tabla player Sandeep Das ask, “Where is my Sangeet Natak Akademy Award?” Sandeep says he didn’t. Be that as it may, the words cited broadly in the Indian media, welcomed a stern reproach from Sandeep’s associates in India , to be specific Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pandit Jasraj, Buddhitya Mukherjee and Ricki Kej.

Responding to the backfire Sandeep says cynically, “I would encourage a portion of the Indian media to NOT place words in my mouth and remain very as they have been everywhere throughout the years and just pursue the few referred to names as they are able at.”

Sandeep says he has never desired after honors, “I might want to elucidate that I have never pined for any honor, either the Sangeet Natya Akademy grant or the Grammy, national or worldwide honors. Any individual who has known me including the very maestros who have addressed will recognize that in private and most others openly effectively.”

Be that as it may, this absence of craving for acknowledgment doesn’t prevent Sandeep from celebrating in his Grammy win. “I am pleased to be an individual from the prestigious Silk Road Ensemble headed by the unbelievable Yo-Yo Ma and celebrate with the Ensemble at having gotten the Grammy this year for our World Music Album. I have been instructed by both my folks and master to acknowledge any acclaim, or honor, or consolation with modesty since I know there are many meriting artistes for each honor that is founded. In this manner I don’t take my honors and my favorable luck for allowed.”

The Hindustani established maestros have asked why Sandeep doesn’t come back to India to practice his music from… .errr… home? Sandeep ​snaps back delicately, “To the extent working and becoming well known in India is concerned, I can state with lowliness that established music beaus from the North toward the South, East toward the West wherever in the nation have heard me and cherished my playing throughout the previous 25 years. What’s more, the very maestros being referred to have either been in front of an audience with me or have valued my playing wholeheartedly on many events.”

Sandeep is pleased to work towards advancing ability. “I am most likely one of the not very many craftsmen that have an association, NOT to advance myself however run a grant for outwardly hindered youngsters to learn music whose numbers have developed from 2 to 6. What’s more, have devotees that I have educated for FREE from everywhere throughout the nation and the world! My association is called HUM and anybody can go look at it at for scrutinizing my devotion to my Hindustani legacy, I am pleased to be an Indian and will take my Hindustaniyat to each side of the world, regardless of what the naysayers need to state.”

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