TV Actors react to Indian Supreme Court’s Triple Talaaq ban

India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday banned “Triple Talaaq” or instant divorce, practised by some in the Muslim community, saying it is unconstitutional.
Triple Talaaq is the practice under which a Muslim man can divorce his wife by simply uttering “Talaaq” thrice. It is prevalent among India’s Muslim community majority who follow the Hanafi Islamic School of law.
Everyone is discussing about its positive and negative impact. Our TV celebs are not far behind.
When got in touch with the TV celebs who belong to the Islamic community, they were more than open to share what they felt about the Supreme Court decision. Some spoke in favour of the verdict while some spoke against it. Read on:
Anas Rashid – I fully agree with the Supreme Court decision. I would say it is the final verdict and we all should follow that.
Shama Sikander: I feel Triple Talaaq was never really a problem. It is the mentality. People try to sort out superficial things but don’t wish to go deep into the root of the problem. The thinking/mentality that, one can take/give divorce, just by uttering the word Talaaq thrice is the dilemma. Maybe post the decision people can say Talaaq once and get divorced. Will this stop Talaaq? If it does, then I’m happy with it. It is like you have diarrhoea and you are taking medicine for fever. How will it work?
Sana Amin Sheikh – It’s a very positive decision taken for women by the Supreme Court. Triple Talaaq was used in the wrong way. People didn’t know the meaning of the entire process of what Triple Talaaq actually meant according to Islam. People who are uneducated or don’t know Islam well, just follow the norms which are right now prevailing in society and it has been conventionalised for years. Society always had a mindset that a woman, who is a divorcee, has no future while divorce or widow remarriages have always been very legal in Islam. People have misused it a lot and I am very happy that now things will happen mutually through the court and the legal authorities. I am very happy with the decision; at least it won’t be misused now.
Iqbal Khan: The Supreme Court has banned Instant Triple Talaaq which never existed in Islam. Triple Talaaq is a long process and passes through three stages. For instance, if my wife cheats on me I will give her the first Talaaq that’s like a warning, like giving her second chance. If she repeats the same thing a second time, I will give her a second Talaaq and it would mean our beds have to be separated. And if she repeats it for the third time, I will give her the final Talaaq and we will be separated. People don’t know the real thing they don’t read the Quraan and just talk about Triple Talaaq.
Hiba Nawab: It is a good thing that the Supreme Court has banned Triple Talaaq. I support the verdict as a woman has to go through a lot of pain and the long procedure of Talaaq.
Mohammad Nazim: I believe more in my religion and than in the Supreme Court. I have no idea about the news. However what I can say is every religion has its own customs and beliefs. This idea that you can divorce someone just by uttering the word ‘Talaaq’ thrice is completely baseless. How can the Supreme Court interfere in a religion? It is all politics. Divorce will only take place if you force someone to get married.
Aasiya Kazi: I’m not really the right person to comment about it. I don’t know much about the incident. But all I want to say is that it all depends on one’s belief system. It’s like how some people believe in God or some don’t. People will follow what they want to. The decision will help women legally. I hope it is positive.
Falaq Naaz : It will help women. Honestly, in the name of Triple Talaaq, you can’t really divorce your partner. People are not educated to know that it (the slow disintegration of a man-woman relationship) happens over time. So yeah, instant Triple Talaaq does happen, so it is a good move by the Court. Even in Islam the procedure is mentioned.

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