Amit Tandon finally seeks revenge from Kratika

Do you remember the time when TV beauty Kratika Sengar pulled a prank on her hot co-actor Amit Tandon?
That’s when Tandon told , he is going to seek revenge from the pretty lady.
Well, now finally the singer cum actor has succeeded in his plan.
Color’s Kasam Teri Pyaar ki star Amit pulled a prank on her co-star Kratika Sengar. The content actor said, “I was trying to do this thing since a long time, but she was on a constantly alert. That’s when I got my cameraman to do it on my behalf and became successful.”
Happened so, that during the shoot of the Balaji Telefilms production, Amit and Kratika both were in the same frame, when the cameraman managed to scare the lady with a toy. Amit also shared a video on Instagram swapping face with Kratika.The actor also quipped, “It is just the beginning! I’ll keep everyone updated if I do anything.”
It’s so good to see when actors have fun on set instead of any controversies.

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