Thapki Pyar Ki March 13, 2017 written update: Vasu puts bhang in thandai

The scene begins with Shraddha applying shading all over. Tina gets irate and she goes towards the pool to wash her face. Abruptly, Shraddha pushes Tina inside the pool and Tina begins shouting for offer assistance.

Thapki Pyar Ki March 9, 2017 composed refresh: Sankara debilitates Thapki by changing the recording

Thapki comes over and takes out Tina. Tina hurries to Bihaan and embraces him. In the interim, Bani comes to Bihaan to play Holi with him. Bihaan declines to play holi and leaves from that point.

Then again, Vasu places Bhang in thandai and advises a servent to serve it to Shraddha and Sanskar.

Shraddha thinks to toss a water ballon loaded with dark shading on Thapki.

Then, Bihaan comes playing drums and sing melodies to make Bani and Tina cheerful as they were angry with him.

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