Thapki Pyaar Ki: Kabir to 'SAVE' Thapki from getting 'RAPED'!

But Shankar’s antics don’t stop here…

Gear up for some heart-wrenching drama on Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki!

Shankar has been upto his evil antics at all time and this time, he will be seen crossing his limits! During an on-going function, Thapki will be kidnapped by some goons. They will also attempt to rape her!

Thapki will shout out for help but nobody will be able to hear her cry. Kabir will incidentally land up in the same place searching for her and will rush to save her. In the process of safeguarding her, he will also be beaten up and his shirt will be torn. Thapki will then hug Kabir tightly and will thank him for saving her life.

But adding another evil twist, Shankar will click a few photos of the two hugging each other.

By the looks of it, Shankar aims to circulate it to spoil Thapki’s image and it will be interesting to know how Bihaan will perceive Kabir and Thapki’s behaviour on seeing the photos!

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