Gear up for some high voltage drama in Sasural Simar Ka!

Vikram’s family to take shelter in the Bhardwaj house…

Anjali’s stints in Sasural Simar Ka has generated a lot of tension in the house. Vikram has decided to leave Anjali due to her negative behavior and this has not gone down well with the entire family. They are upset with Anjali and are worried about the couple’s future.

In the upcoming episodes, the family will face a fatal problem as Vikram’s father will have a paralytic attack, all thanks to Anjali’s misbehavior. The entire family will have him admitted to the hospital and the doctors will declare that though he is out of danger, the man’s 80% of the body has been paralyzed. The problems, however, don’t end here!

To make the story more relatable to the audience, the show will also touch how the demonetization has affected the fictional family. Anjali and Vikram will be seen making a deal with their house to pay off the hospital dues and with no shelter on their head, Simar will offer them shelter in the Bhardwaj house.

Anjali will have to face a lot of heat by her family members for sure. Let’s see how she tackles the situation!

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