Tere Sheher Mein is an Indian television drama show, which premiered on 2 March 2015 and it airs on Star Plus. The show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Directors Kut productions. Some early episodes of the show were shot in Paris and Mumbai. The show is set in Varanasi.

Amaya Mathur is the most pampered daughter of Rishi Mathur, a business tycoon. They live in Paris happily. Amaya considers her father as a superman who fulfilles all her wishes and so she doesn’t value money. Her elder sister Rachita is getting engaged to Rohan and everyone are excited for the wedding. But Rishi becomes bankrupt due to crisis. He doesn’t reveal the truth to his family as he doesn’t want them to be stressed. But due to overstress and crisis, Rishi commits suicide as he cant take it any longer. Rishi’s death changes Amaya’s life completely. They loose all their properties in Paris and Rachita’s engagement is broken. Rishi is stamped as a fraud in media. They face shortage of money. The family shifts to Banaras, their hometown. Initially Amaya hated Banaras. But she decided to become strong and independent.

Mantu is a charming tourist guide of Banaras. He lives with his younger brother Chiklu who is 8yrs old. Uma is Mantu’s best friend, but she loves him and aspires to marry him in future. At first, Mantu and Amaya used to fight always on every small issue. But they soon turns to be good friends after knowing each others problems and goodness. Rishi’s friend Hari is put in jail due to the crisis. Hari’s son Rudra hates Mathurs for keeping his father away from their family. He always created problems for them but Mathurs are unaware of Rudra’s revenge.

Meanwhile Rachita befriends Ramashrey, a decent and calm boy who runs his father’s shop. Ramashrey develops feelings for Rachita. Amaya soon comes to know that she has relatives in Banaras and Gajanan Chobey is her grandpa, her mom Sneha’s father. But Gajanan dislikes Mathurs as Sneha and Rishi married against Gajanan’s dislike. Once Amaya and Mantu save a young boy from goons. But the goons then threatens to kill Amaya. Mantu risks his life for her. Soon Amaya develops a soft corner for him.

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