Everest Watch online Everest is a Hindi language Indian telenovela which premiered on STAR Plus on 3 November 2014 . Directed by Glenn Baretto and Ankush Mohla and touted[who?] as “the most ambitious project on Indian television”, Everest was created by Ashutosh Gowariker and produced by Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Private Limited (AGPPL). The music of the telenovela, which is Gowariker’s television debut as a producer, was composed by A. R. Rahman.

Titu and Panchi go to bus stop to receive the pandit and Rachna’s father in law Arvind, who is a pandit by profession and dressed accordingly. Titu gets lazy and sends his friends to receive the pandit. They mistakenly pick Arvind thinking he is Titu’s pandit and take him with them. Panchi waits for Arvind and does not get him. Titu comes there and she falls on him again. Panchi smiles seeing his witty liners. He says you are the one who wrote the matter. She says no, I wrote it well and the card shop man changed it, I told him to apologize. He says yes, he apologized to family and everything went fine. She says she is Panchi.

He introduces him as Titu, and jokingly asks did you come for work or following me. She says I came to take my sister’s father in law and he is not here. He helps her in finding her uncle. Arvind thinks he is kidnapped by Titu and calls Kamlesh to inform him. Kamlesh tells the same to Panchi and she is shocked as Titu is with him. Titu’s friends send the pic and Panchi says its my uncle. Titu says his friends got mistaken and took Arvind home. Kamlesh reaches Titu’s house and says Titu has kidnapped Arvind. Everyone is shocked and can’t believe it. They refuse that Titu can do this. Govind and Surekha argue with Panchi’s dad and defend Titu. Kamlesh asks his staff to search the house for Arvind ji. They all go to see the pandit.

Kamlesh goes to the room and sees Titu’s pandit. Govind says you are mistaken, as we don’t go to anyone’s house and shout like this. Govind asks Surekha to take care of matter, and thinks where did Titu go. Titu is with Panchi and apologizes to Arvind. Kamlesh says Arvind called me and said Titu kidnapped him, how can he lie to me, where is he, he is not taking my call. Surekha requests pandit not to tell anything to Govind. Govind hears Surekha giving gifts to pandit and stopping him from saying anything to Titu.

Govind says he saved all this by much work, and he can’t let it loose. Mukund says he has an idea and will send Titu to Agra’s Chacha. Govind scolds Titu. Surekha scolds Mukund and asks why did he not go with Titu to get pandit, as Govind asked him to keep an eye on Titu. Mukund says you said me that Titu will get pandit. Surekha taunts him, and puts blame on Mukund. Panchi says the puja is in evening and I started dreaming now. Surekha gifts clothes to everyone, and shows a costly kurta to Titu. Rekha says we always have injustice, its all because of your dad, Titu was born and your dad died. She cries. Surekha says its not about money, the time has changed, its not like wearing any gift, people have choices now, why to have biasing in heart.

Govind says I understand this, but I have made this house by all hardwork, if we let it loose, nothing can be saved, this family is one and we don’t do biasing, you and Titu are always after our money. Mukund adds some powder in one glass, and thinks it can get confusion, and fills more in pandit ji’s glass. He says now see Titu, how I ruin your puja plans. He makes pandit ji drink it and he gets unwell. Everyone get tensed as pandit is not in state to do the puja. Kamlesh gets the duty at Titu’s house and is angry. Kamlesh says since I came in Mathura, I m not getting rid of Titu and his family. Panchi sees Kamlesh and hides.

Panchi waits to see Titu and leave. Govind talks to everyone and asks the guests to listen to him. Mukund and Rekha are happy. Before Govind can announce anything, Titu says Bhakt jano, welcome to Krishna Abhishek. Titu says the puja will start now. Govind scolds Titu. Titu says I remember all mantras, congrats a pandit is born to you. Kamlesh says now this cheater will do puja. Titu starts the puja. Panchi smiles seeing Titu do the puja, and is impressed by him. Govind is shocked and everyone get glad seeing Titu doing Krishna Abhishek well. Surekha asks Titu to keep safe keys.

He goes to give silver coins to people and throws the keys along. The keys fall in Panchi’s purse. Govind asks Surekha for keys and Titu tells her that he lost the keys. She gets tensed and avoids Govind. Titu recalls that the keys fell in someone’s purse and he will get auditions for Radha’s role, and get all Mathura girls to get the keys. Will Titu and Panchi meet again by fate? Keep reading.