Synopsis Day 38: Relationships get complicated in the Bigg Boss House

MUMBAI: Love andbetrayal it’s all part of the game. With ‘intense competition’ being the flavor of the week, contestants move in full throttle to secure their positions from evictions. Day 1 of the BB poultry farm task ended on an emotional note. The contestants meticulously planned and plotted on their strategy for the next day as to who’s cut out should be destroyed.

Bigg Boss woke the contestants up with the song ‘Bachkerehna re baba’ depicting how contestants need to be mindful of even those who they think are their friends. As the contestants geared up for the task and were seen taking their positions, Surbhi and Karanvir got into a verbal brawl. Surbhi expressed her dislike for Karanvir and teased him about the fact that none of his friends stood by him during the task. Eventually, as the day progressed, the competition amongst the contestants intensified as everyone put their thinking hats on in order toeliminate one contestant from the run to captaincy.

A lot of tears were shed and sudden bouts of frustration were also expressed openly in the task. As Srishty complained that Sreesanth always supports her rival, Jasleen, Urvashi wept because of a complicated relationship she now shares with Deepak. Deepak made several attempts to console Urvashi and made her understand that she needs to play a stronger game however a stubborn Urvashi broke out into an aggressive fight with him. Housemates were upset to see a sweet relationship go sour. Karanveer and Sreesanth were seen supporting Urvashi but Romil on the other hand took a strong stand for Deepak.

Will love blossom once again or will competition break bonds? Who will play a stronger game to save their place and become the Fizz captain of the week?

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