Synopsis Day 37: ‘Divide & Rule’ is the new mantra of the Bigg Boss house

MUMBAI: The happenings inside the Bigg boss House is like a goody bag full of surprises.The competition is getting tougher with each passing day and all the housemates are playing their game smartly. It’s clear now, you snooze, you lose!

Welcoming a bright new day, Bigg Boss woke the contestants to the song “Kukkad Kamal ka” hinting them about the luxury budget task called ‘BB Poultry farm’. The contestants will be divided into two teams where one group will be poultry farmers and the others are shopkeepers. As a part of the task, an artificial hen is placed in the garden area which will give eggs at every interval and the poultry farmers will have to fetch eggs and sell it to the shopkeepers who are also the sanchalaks of the task. The Moment a poultry farmer gets hold of an egg he or she need to rush to the shopkeeper and sell it to them. The twist in the task is that, when the poultry farmer sells the egg, he /she can demand a cutout of a contestant they want to eliminate from the task. Megha Dhadhe and Karanvir Bohra were the shopkeepers in the task. The game got intense when Surbhi tried to strangle Dipika and in her defence Dipika got up in full force due to which Surbhi got hurt. On the other hand, Deepak and Urvashi also got into a fight because of their lack of support for eachother.

The wild card entries, Megha Dhadhe& Rohit Suchanti have already warmed up to the contestants. While they’ve tried to advice the co-contestants on their individual strategy, some have taken it in good spirits but others seem to feel this as an attempt to lower their morale.

Intense or Pretense? Fight to survive or give up under pressure? Who will be a contender for the captaincy task this week?

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