Swami Om gets anticipatory bail in molestation case

A court here has allowed expectant safeguard to previous ‘Bigg Boss’ hopeful and self-announced godman Swami Om, who was blamed for attacking and threating a lady, court sources said on Thursday.

Exceptional Judge Sanjay Garg on Tuesday permitted the expectant safeguard supplication of Swami Om and requesting that he outfit an individual obligation of Rs 25,000.

The court arrange went ahead ground of equality as co-denounced Santosh Anand was allowed expectant safeguard by the Delhi High Court on May 5.

Ex-Bigg Boss hopeful Swami Om looks for expectant safeguard in attack

Guaranteeing guiltlessness, Swami Om’s advice A.P. Singh told the court that he was dishonestly embroiled.

He guaranteed the court that if conceded expectant safeguard, Om would not abuse his freedom.

In her grievance to Indraprastha Estate police headquarters, the lady had blamed Swami Om and Santosh Anand for wrongful limitation and damaging conduct, and conferring questionable acts.

The lady griped that the charged tore her garments on February 7.

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