Shopping & sightseeing for TV actors in Lucknow

For TV performing artists Jay Soni, Shruti Rawat and Hiba Nawab, coming to Lucknow implied looking for chikan and eating “yahan ka badhiya khana”. The trio, who was in Lucknow not long ago to advance their show Bhaag Bakul Bhaag, circumvented touring in Gomti Nagar and later shopped to their heart’s substance at a famous chikan shop close Hazratganj.

“The two things which pull in me the most to the city are its dialect and nourishment,” said Jay Soni, including, “There’s an excessive amount of adab and tameez in the Lakhnawi dialect. Poke do Lucknow ridge aapas me baat karte tint ekek word ko kheenchte hain toh aisa lagta hai jaise woh gaana gaa rahe hon which is extremely satisfying to the ears. Lucknow individuals are additionally exceptionally glad and simple.They don’t demonstrate that bhaukaal which individuals in the metro urban communities have. There is dependably a grin all over.”

Having similar contemplations his co-performer Shruti, who hails from Haryana says, “It is dependably said that Punjabi log agar pyaar se baat kar rahe hote hain toh aisa lagta hai jaise chap rahe hain however Lucknow walon ke saath ka scene ekdum alag hai. Yahan walon ki boli se jaise pyaar tapakta hai. Likewise the city is extremely all around arranged and clean which was more than my desires,” shares Rawat, popular from her past TV demonstrate Badi Door Se Aaye Hain.

Completing off their expert duties, the three performing artists went to Ambedkar Park in Gomti Nagar. Astounded at the measure of it, Jay , Shruti and Hiba postured for selfies there and meandered about in the recreation center for 60 minutes. “I have never observed a recreation center so tremendous,” shouted Hiba, also called Amaya of Tere Sheher Mein.

Hiba Nawab inverse Jay Soni in ‘Bhaag Bakool Bhaag’

With the plan of purchasing chikan garments clear at the forefront of their thoughts, the three then made a beeline for Hazratganj to look for chikan which as per Shruti is a standout amongst the most elegant textures. Actually bouncing with fervor, Hiba couldn’t quit attempting on different kurtas. “I’m truly awful at haggling and shopping. When I will be in my late 30s, then I think I’ll be eminent at it. Abhi toh I am completely confounded about what to purchase on the grounds that everything is so stunning ,” she said. “I get a kick out of the chance to dress in basic and calm garments and chikan suits are the best for it,” said the performing artist, including, “Lucknow continues calling me and I effectively identify with it since Lucknow ka naam sunte hello hamein Nawaab yaad aate hain and my surname is likewise Nawab. As I have a place with a Muslim family from Bareilly , I scarcely discover any distinction between the way of life of Bareilly and Lucknow, in light of the fact that hamare ghar primary humse aap kar ke hello baat kari jaati hai and Lucknow principle bhi aapjanaab karke baat hoti hai. That is the reason it was simple for me to play a Lucknow young lady in my last show Meri Saasu Maa. A year ago, I went to the city for Eid shopping and fortunately this time additionally, I got the chance to purchase my Eid suits from here.”

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Shruti, then again, agreed to a couple chikan suit s in pastel shades and stated, “These suits are well-suited to wear in Mumbai in this season in light of the fact that the climate is excessively hot and sticky there. I cherished shopping here on the grounds that yahan kitni wide assortment hai, in Mumbai we don’t get great chikan suits.”

What’s more, last however not the minimum, Jay, Shruti and Hiba then devoured kebabs and biryani before making a beeline for Mumbai.

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