Suhani shocks everyone entering reception party drenched in mud in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani argues with Dadi defending Pratima. uhani says she did not like how Dadi scolded her for her mistake, so she has just cleared the matter, she did not misbehave. Pratima says I m happy knowing my bahu loves me so much. Yuvraaj sees treadmill in his room and asks Suhani. She says Dadi gave her and she did not have place. Rags comes to help Suhani and workout. She goes to change and till then Menka damages the treadmill to trouble Suhani. Rags comes back and Suhani asks her to show demo first as she does not know how to workout on treadmill. Rags gets into a problem as the treadmill does not stop.

Rags says the defective treadmill did not stop, its good Suhani saved me. Menka says you are so innocent, tell me how you got on it. Rags says Suhani asked my help and I went on it. Menka says it means she has planned this to cut the wire and damage it, to save you and Dadi does not scold her. Rags gets angry on Suhani. Suhani cuts her hand while cutting lemon. Pratima sees the wound and asks Yuvraaj to take care of Suhani. Dadi taunts Suhani on her fat body. She checks her skin tone and says its still the same. She scolds Suhani. She tells everyone that she got a handmade statue, and will inaugurate infront of her friends, so she asks Suhani to be in her room as everyone will see her in reception.

Yuvraaj receives the statue parcel. Suhani comes and says it has to be kept in the middle of the hall. He holds her hand in lifting the statue. Rags and Menka come and see them romancing. Rags says I think we came on wrong time. Rags and Menka leave. Yuvraaj leaves. Suhani slips and the statue falls. The nose of the statue breaks and she panics seeing it. She says what to do now and tries to fix back the nose. He brings fevicol and sticks the nose. Dadi attends her guests and says she made her statue to keep it in the hall. The ladies like the statue a lot and say its very beautiful and classy, its great Chandrikala.

The lady asks whats this and the nose falls. Dadi is shocked and angry. The ladies start laughing on Dadi and say her nose is cut now. Dadi calls Ramesh and asks how did this happen, take your bags and get lost from here. Suhani takes blame on her as she has broken the nose. Dadi scolds Suhani and insults her for being middle class poor people, whose year income can’t match the statue rate. Pratima asks Dadi to forgive Suhani. Dadi calls her a maid, by her face and behavior. Yuvraaj says enough Dadi and gets angry. He says now please stop it Dadi. Dadi says you are arguing with me for this girl.
Yuvraaj says I married her, the way you spoke to Suhani was not right.Dadi calls the photographer and everyone pose for the family pic. Dadi asks the photographer to make Suhani look fair. The pic comes home and Suhani is unable to identify herself. Dadi tells her she did this to save her name. She calls the makeup artists to make Suhani look beautiful in the reception party. Suhani and Yuvraaj have an argument as Suhani does not like artificial beauty and Yuvraaj asks her to respect other’s feelings. Suhani says I m unable to identify myself. Dadi comes and sees Suhani looking good.

Dadi smiles and says very good, take her pic and send me, I m show people how a crow becomes an ostrich. She says I m not happy in this look, I like to be natural and don’t need all this. She says this color and makeup is artificial. I won’t go out in this artificial beauty.She sees an old couple in trouble and goes to help them. She gets wet in the rain spoiling her expensive clothes and makeup. She gets all in mud while helping them in bringing out the scooter from the mud hole. Suhani’s family is invited and they come in the party. Pratima welcomes them and they ask about Suhani.

Dadi asks Lata to get to see a miracle as she has given a new look to Suhani. Suhani helps some people and gets her clothes and hands bad. Suhani comes in smiling and everyone is shocked seeing her with all mud. The guests looks on and gossip laughing on Dadi and the Birla house. Pratima asks Suhani whats all this. Suhani says she was helping an old couple to bring out their scooter out. The women back bite about Suhani and Dadi gets angry. Lata apologizes to Pratima from Suhani’s side. Dadi gets angry and asks her to go and change the dress. Yuvraaj is shocked too. How will Suhani manage in the Birla House now? Keep reading.