Saras meets with an accident to save Kumud; He survives stating he lost his memory in Saraswatichandra

Saras gives a good surprise to Kumud as its their first wedding anniversary. She sees the cake as he lights the candles. He hugs her. He asks will you be shy like this on our 60th anniversary. She says will you love me like this. He says I don’t have that much time. She says now I won’t talk to you. He shows her a pearl necklace and she smiles liking it. She says its very beautiful, our relation is like this pearls, which we get by fate, made for us. He opens the locket and shows their pics. They compliment each other’s existence in their lives. She gifts him a suit and a watch. Anushka and Kabir have a romantic moment.

Anushka is worried and Rohit comes to warn her not to tell anyone the truth. Saras wakes up from his bad dream shouting Kumud. Badimaa comes running to him and asks him what happened. Saras cries and says again that same dream, like Kumud is going far. She says the one we love the most, such things happen, try to get rid of this fear, nothing will happen to Kumud. He says I used to get peace from Maai’s lori, can you sing such for me today. She says yes, and takes him in her lap. Badimaa sings the Lori and he sleeps. Anushka and Kabir’s haldi is done happily. Sangeet function has some dance acts. Saras and Kumud dance romantically while everyone look on and smile.

Anushka gets ready as a bride and comes. Vidyachatur and Guniyal say she is looking very pretty and ask her to come to the mandap. Saras wears the blue suit and watch gifted by Kumud. She compliments him. Kabir sits in the mandap and waits for Anushka. Rohit says see this Jarokha, when Anushka comes, we will make her stand in this and drop her in the mandap. Danny and Vidyachatur like the unique idea. Saras feels its strange. They take Anushka to the Jarokha. Saras and Kumud look at the crane. Anushka gets worried. Rohit says I forgot to tell you, Anushka wants Kumud to make first entry, as its her anniversary. Kumud asks Anushka shall I, if she wants, then I will go.

Rohit asks Saras to go to the mandap and wait. Kumud sits in the Jarokha and Saras looks at her. Saras stops them and says bring it down, I need to talk to my wife. Kumud asks why. Saras says Kaka told me something, its important, come. He stands in the Jarokha and says this time I will come to you, I love you, you look great. He stands smiling and the crane man pulls the rope cutting it. The crane mane cuts the rope. Saras falls in the Jarokha from much height. Everyone is shocked. Kumud and Badimaa shout Saras. Saras is taken to the hospital. Kumud asks the doctor to see Saras fast, he has lost much blood. Badimaa consoles Kumud.

The doctor says Saras is critical, with internal bleedings. The operation starts. . Everyone think about Saras’ good deeds and great words. Kumud thinks how Saras has always suffered and thinks to be away from him. She says she will give every test till we both are together, make him fine, you have to change our fate if there is something else written in it. The doctor says next 12 hours will tell that, its crucial time. Guniyal asks can we see him. He says no, we are taking him to ICU now. Kumud sees Saras in the ICU and looks at him through the mirror crying. Their sweet moments are shown in flashback. Anushka tells everyone about Rohit’s plan to harm Saras and Kumud, and she was helpless as Rohit has kidnapped her brother Avinash.

Everyone forgive her. The doctor says Saras is out of danger now. Saras comes on the wheel chair. Kumud hides behind the wall. Saras asks who are you all. He says I don’t know anyone. They get shocked. Saras lost his memory by the hit on his head, The doctor says Mrs Vyas can get his memory back, only she can revive his memories, try to remind him of whatever happened till now. They bring Saras to Desai house. Saras wants to go his home but they lie to him and make him stay in the guest room. They ask Kumud to make him recollect his past life.

Kumud forgives Anushka as she apologizes and hugs her. Rohit calls Anushka and she asks him to let her meet Avinash to tie him rakhi, and he agrees. Kabir and Danny promise her that they will bring her brother back. Saras gets angry seeing Kumud lying on his bed beside him. Saras shouts and tells everyone. Kumud feels bad and goes with Kusum. Badimaa calms him down. Will Saras get his memory back? Keep reading.