Sooraj refuses to Ankur’s request to bring back Sandhya home in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj does not tell Bhabho that he has left Sandhya and behaves normal. Bhabho says she wants to listen Ramayan. Sooraj says he will read it for her. He reads it and she says if Lord Ram can’t bear to be without his wife, then how would ordinary people bear such separation. She says life partner/soulmate is the one without which one can’t live. She tells the meanings and he reads more. His hand burns and Bhabho asks how did he not realize it. She asks whats the matter, where is Sandhya. She calls out Sandhya. She asks them the truth. Sooraj says Sandhya does not live in this house.

Sooraj tells her everything. He says if it was for my life, I would have not complained, but the matter was of your life Bhabho, I agree she saved my life, but to fulfill her duty, she risked your life, I can’t forget this. She says all this is lie, I have seen everything there, its all in fate and no one can change or stop the fate, you know all this, how did you blame her for all this. Sandhya reaches Sooraj by sharing their love story on FM radio. Sooraj plays the radio and tries to avoid listening to her, but wherever he goes, the radio plays. She tells how their love started and Sooraj recalls those moments. Sandhya says she is sure their relation will link again. Sandhya waits for Sooraj’s call.

Sooraj calls Sandhya and stops thinking about Sandhya’s move to do her duty and punish RK. Zakir asks why did you stop Sooraj. Zakir says I worry for both of you, as you both are close to my life and requests him to call Sandhya. She gets Sooraj’s call and says I knew you will call me. He asks can we meet at park in evening. She smiles. He comes to meet her. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he can’t live without her. Bhabho waits for Sandhya at home and smiles. He says her memo was imp to her than Bhabho’s life. Sooraj says another truth is I can’t live with you too. He says how should I explain you, I don’t want to hurt you, but my heart has something that our love does not surface.

She asks him to give her one chance, all complains will go, Sooraj and Sandhya can’t live without each other, we love each other, let me stay with you. He says no, there is difference, if your mum was there instead Bhabho, would you risk her life, never, you would have realized my pain. She cries and leaves. He comes him alone and Bhabho gets more worried. Bhabho goes to police to meet Sandhya and tells her that she came to report, something is lost, Sooraj’s happiness and smile, will she get her bahu back.She asks her to come home. Sandhya tells her how Sooraj has blamed her and cries. She tells Bhabho that she can’t come home without Sooraj understanding her.

Bhabho says Sooraj is not bad as a son, he did all duties of a brother, but as a husband, he did not keep up his duty. He has taken decision as a son, he did not think being a husband. She asks Sooraj why did you blame Sandhya, how can you say she does not regard me her mum. She says how can you do this injustice with her. She says I gave you birth, but I got Sandhya by fate. You have not hurt her self esteem, but also my respect, and hurt my womb too. She says I could not meet Sandhya’s eyes today because of you.

Sandhya’s brother Ankur hugs Sandhya and pacifies her. He says I came here to give you a surprise, but I got surprised. His wife says he got promoted and he is regional officer now, he was given two options, and he came here to live with you. He says don’t worry, I will talk to Sooraj. Ankur and Ankita go to meet Sooraj and his family. Ankur says Babasa, your complain is valid, I lied to you also along with my sister, I was selfish. Ankita says it was great that you have forgiven our mistake and did not make Sandhya miss us. He says I m her brother and could not fulfill her dream, and this family completed her dreams.

He says I don’t have words to tell Sooraj ji, Sandhya is at this post and Sooraj is behind this. Sooraj comes and hears this. Ankur says Sandhya became IPS officer because of Sooraj. I could not do anything for her, but you all did a lot for her. Sooraj says I m happy that you both have come Pushkar and Sandhya is not alone now, her brother loves her a lot. He says I m doing my duty towards my family. Ankur gets angry and fumes on Sooraj. He says what all Sandhya did for them, and they are so selfish not to remember her favors. Sooraj refuses to bring Sandhya back. What will Sandhya do now to win back Sooraj’s trust? Keep reading.