Rajveer exposes Gunjan’s bad activities in Ranvi’s eyes in Veera

Ranvi agrees for Veera and Baldev’s marriage and gives her hand to him. Ba;dev gives the good news to Bansuri and Balwant. Balwant can’t believe Ranvi really said yes. Baldev says yes, and he folded hands and asked me to take care of his Veera, he trusts me and he feels I m best for Veera. Balwant says I m happy, I was not telling his objection wrong, but I prayed that Veera becomes my bahu. Baldev says there is still one hurdle now, Biji is adamant. Bansuri does not accept this relation and annoys Baldev. Baldev meets Veera and they have a romantic moment. Baldev holds Veera and goes ahead to kiss her, while she stops him saying he did not get this license. He reminds Ranvi said yes. She says for this too, when, I don’t remember. He says fine, I will call him and ask. She says stop it and laughs. He hugs her.

Rajveer gets angry seeing them and hurts his hand by crushing the ring. Ratan asks Veera to learn cooking, while Veera avoids it. Ratan makes her work. Chai ji comes and asks what is she doing. Veera does everything wrong. Chai ji says Ranvi is right, Bansuri will scold her. Veera says everyone scold me, I will not work. Balwant asks Bansuri to say yes for Veera. Nihaal says I can’t believe we are talking about Veera’s marriage and asks about Baldev’s business. Gunjan tells him about transport business. Bansuri says they are bringing shagun, no one values my decision, I know how to make them agree to me, I will show Veera this is my house, the fight will be between us.

Bansuri goes to Gurudwara and sits there, as she knows Ratan is bringing shagun for Baldev. Ratan asks about Bansuri. Baldev asks Bansuri to come. Bansuri says I can’t come, if you want me to come home, promise me you won’t let Veera come home. Baldev says fine, if Veera is not there, then no one will be there.He says he will not marry ever, and Bansuri says she is fine with it, but she can’t accept Veera. Baldev is stunned and asks how can she risk his happiness being his loving mother. Baldev tells everything to Veera and says he will leave his house. Veera says she will wait till Bansuri agrees and asks him not to leave his house and parents. Baldev comes home and is worried. The people come and take his sign on some papers. Nihaal comes and sees him signing without reading it. He asks him why did he sign like this, he will be caught if there is something illegal sent. Baldev says no, it will be fine.

Nihaal asks him to ask people about sender, receiver and what items are there. Baldev gets angry and scolds him for interfering so much. Balwant hears this and realizes Nihaal is right, and explains Baldev later on. Baldev thinks Nihaal complained about him and gets angry on him in pind tea stall. They have a heated argument and Rajveer sees this thinking to take advantage of this. Ranvi goes to meet Rajveer and apologizes for not being able to get Veera married to him, as he gave his nod to Baldev. Rajveer says its fine and makes him know about Gunjan’s bad activities. Ranvi is ashamed and comes him to confront Gunjan.

She accepts she played card games and took heavy loans. He gets angry and scolds her. Gunjan apologizes to Ranvi, and says she changed, she left everything. She says Rajveer told you intentionally, as he helped me and told me to do something in return. He gets annoyed and leaves. Veera says she loves her room, how will I take everything, I m feeling tensed, I don’t know what will I do. Baldev comes and says he will become ghar jamai, so that she stays at her mum’s place and in her room. Ratan and Chai ji laugh. Rajveer keeps illegal items in Baldev’s truck to frame him in case again. Baldev recalls Nihaal’s words to check the consignment and goes to check. He gets shocked seeing the wrong items and scolds his friends.

He realizes he was really being careless and apologizes to Balwant. He decides to apologize to Nihaal and gets alert. Baldev gets an idea and goes to scare Bansuri saying if she does not accept Veera as her bahu in her house then he will become ghar jamai and stay with Veera. Balwant helps Baldev in this plan and Bansuri finally agrees. Baldev hugs her and informs Veera. Baldev and Veera get very happy and dance. Baldev requests Ratan to keep all functions soon, as he wants to marry Veera soon. Bansuri decides to teach Veera a lesson once she comes in her house as her bahu. What will Rajveer do to stop the marriage? Keep reading.