When Siya Ke Ram turned into a Jurrasic Park!

The last thing we could ever imagine is a CGI dinosaur in a mythological show

Watching TV these days makes us feel like we are a third world citizen!

Welcome to Indian television, where the plot lines are made up of the most bizarre content and logic is the first casualty in the race for TRP’s.

Supernatural is in and if you think Simar’s life was in hell, well we are in for the worse. But the last thing we could ever imagine is a CGI dinosaur in a mythological show!

Siya Ke Ram is acclaimed for its use of cinematography and the projection of Ramayana from a different perspective. But yesterday what we saw was insane!

A particular scene in the episode narrated a crocodile turning into a Dinosaur and attacking the people of the Lanka and it only transformed into a crocodile back again after being hit by Ram’s arrow. (because Ichhadhari Naagin is so OLD SCHOOL… welcome to the world of Ichhadhari magarmach!)

This sequence left us dumbfound to the notch! Dinosaurs in Ramayan? Really???

Ramayan has many versions written by different authors. However, we consider Valmiki’s Ramayan to be more authentic because he was believed to have been officially selected by the Gods to write the story. We have read about the aquatic monsters and other giant creatures in the sacred books and they have been projected on the small screen too. But never has there been any mention of Dinosaurs.

Well, we did some research and we concluded that the mythological presentation of this show is purely based on folklore. Whether it is logically possible for Dinosaurs to be present during the Ramayan era, is the million dollar question perhaps, however, watching the CGI animal scare the hell out of Sita was quite unexpected!(read mind boggling!) Although, Science and history say that the entire species of Dinosaurs went extinct before man walked the earth, the Ramayana did mention Asura’s and may be the creators had a misconception that the Din-Asura was actually a Dinosaur!

Looking at the recent trend of desperately infusing the supernatural element and age-old extinct entities to enhance the content of the show, be it any genre, makes us wonder… if we have hit the dead end, when it comes to introducing creativity on shows? Or is the audience so saturated with the overdose of cliched suspense and drama served to them over the years, that it has got immune to regular content and nothing seems to be fascinating them than the dark age spooky content!

Well, whatever it might be… but Dinosaurs in Ramayan?! Seriously???

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