Shraddha to say I love you to Kunal infront of everyone in Meri Bhabhi

Last week, we have seen everything becoming fine between Anand and Kittu. They have gone through many ups and down only because of Kunal and Shraddha. But now, Anand has accepted Kittu happily and have realized his mistake. He apologizes to Kittu and she forgives him. Kunal tells everyone that he will not see Shraddha again. Shraddha is shocked. Everyone are happy with his decision. Kittu thinks of not talking about Kunal and Shraddha again. Anand sees Dhruv’s drawing where he writes Kunal as his father. Anand is shocked and thinks how important has Kunal become for the little Dhruv. Anand hears Shraddha and Ishaan talking about Kunal and her love. He sees Shraddha crying and understands that Shraddha and Kunal have sacrificed their love for the family.

Anand thinks of uniting the lover as he feels this has been unjust with them. Both the families are only thinking about their animosity and reputation, rather than thinking about Shraddha and Kunal’s happiness. Anand decides to talk to Kunal’s parents. Kamini and Purshottam take Kunal to meet a girl Payal. Kunal meets Payal and goes out with her to a restaurant. He sees Shraddha there. Payal sees Kunal staring at Shraddha and understands that she is the girl whom Kunal loves. Payal asks Kunal about Shraddha but he lies to her that there is no one in his life. Payal tells her mum that Kunal is in love and she can’t marry him. Payal’s mum calls Kamini and refuses for the proposal. Kamini gets angry on her and speaks ill about Payal. Kamini understands that Kunal might have done something or told anything to Payal which made her say no to this proposal.

Anand comes to Kamini and Purshottam and talks to them about Kunal’s and Shraddha’s proposal. Kamini gets furious and says no bluntly. Purshottam thinks about Anand’s words where Anand asks him to think about Kunal’s happiness. Kittu calls Purshottam and makes him realize that they are not doing the right thing for Kunal. Purshottam thinks a lot and goes to meet Kunal in his room. He feels Kunal is unhappy though he has taken a decision of parting ways with Shraddha. Purshottam feels Anand was right and he should agree for Kunal’s marriage with Shraddha.

Purshottam does not let Kamini know about this and silently takes Kunal with him to Shraddha’s house. Purshottam asks Zor and Amrit for Shraddha’s hand. Kunal is shocked. Anand and Kittu are very happy. Kunal talks to Zor and says I will always keep your daughter Shraddha and Dhruv very happy and not let tears come in their eyes. I will never let them face any pain in their lives. Ishaan, Anand and Kittu also make Zor and Amrit think about Shraddha’s happiness. Amrit is worried about Kamini’s reaction. She says will Kamini agree for this marriage. Purshottam says our children are our life, can’t we do this for our children. It’s a small thing to make Kamini agree, I will talk to her when the right time comes.

On everyone asking them to agree, Zor and Amrit give a nod. Shraddha hears this and is much happy. Kunal is on cloud nine feeling his dream will come true soon. Everyone are happy and decide to do their Roka without informing Kamini. Kunal calls Shraddha and jokes with her saying I m serious, I will not marry you. Shraddha is stunned. Kunal says I will marry you only if you say the three golden words to me, that’s I love you. Shraddha is shy and refuses to say.

Kunal calls Shraddha to a shopping mall on valentine’s day. Shraddha goes to meet him. Kunal admits his love infront of everyone and says I love you Shraddha. Anand and Kittu are in the same mall and see this. Kittu says my brother is so romantic. Anand says whats the need to express your love infront of people. Kittu and Anand also celebrate their valentine’s day. Kunal hangs on a cloth rope and asks Shraddha to admit her love for him else he will jump from it and die. Shraddha does not understand what to do. She feels shy. Kunal slips from the cloth and Shraddha shouts Kunal. At last, she tells him I love you Kunal. Kunal is very happy. Before he could express his happiness, the rope breaks and everyone are shocked. What will happen to Kunal now? Will Kamini agree for their marriage? Keep reading.