Poonam to find out about Jai’s extra marital affair in Ek Ghar Banaunga

Poonam and Kanno are at loggerhead everytime, thanks to their mum in law Mangla who does not leave any chance to bring a drift between them. Mangla along with her brother, Akash’s Mama, always plays dirty and manipulative games with her bahus Poonam and Kanno. This time she has gone an extra bit to create a big fight between Poonam and Kanno by making her brother tell Poonam about Kanno and Kiran. Mama keeps his phone in the kitchen where Poonam is working. He makes Poonam see the video where Kanno is talking to Poonam’s Bhabhi Kiran and asking her to fight for her right and ask for her and Deepak’s share in the property.

Kanno encourages Kiran and Deepak not to let the house go from their hands easily. She asks Kiran to confront Prabhunath and Vandana and ask them to give the share to their son Deepak. Kiran agrees with Kanno and does as Kanno taught her. But Prabhunath and Vandana are adamant for selling the house and does not give any share to Deepak, despite his many failed attempts. Kiran and Deepak leave from Poonam’s house after Prabhunath and Vandana break every relation with Deepak and Kiran. Poonam comes to know it was Kanno who has done all this and she is the one who has filled Kiran’s ears against her and her parents.

Poonam gets angry and Mangla is happy that finally Poonam will start hating Kanno. Poonam calls Kiran and scolds her. Kiran names Kanno and blames her for the situation. Poonam confronts Kanno and they have a heated argument. Mangla and Mama are very happy seeing this. All the family members get involved and try to end their argument. Dadi scolds Kanno after knowing what she did. She asks Kanno not to do any such thing again. Poonam and Kanno stop talking to each other. Mangla thinks she won in her divide and rule policy. Mangla consoles Kanno and says I m always on your side and I will always help you in you stand against Poonam. Kanno believes Mangla and is happy that she understands her.

Soon after all this drama, another big time drama starts about the fact that Jai is having an extra marital affair with a girl names Pooja. Jai is lying at home every time he goes to meet Pooja and also arranging money for her. Kanno catches his lies and they start having the differences. Dadi asks Kanno to sort out the issues with jai and take food for him to his office. Dadi talks to Poonam and asks her to accompany Kanno as they should have a talk on the way. Poonam agrees and goes with Kanno. As they enter the office, they are shocked to see jai sitting close and pacifying Pooja. They are stunned seeing him. Kanno at the first moment understands they are having an affair.

Kanno slaps and takes Pooja on the road to beat her and insult her in the public. Pooja can’t bear her insult and runs. Jai runs after her to console her. Kanno is devastated. Poonam believes Kanno as she has also witnessed the scene. Jai comes home and lies to everyone that Pooja is a widow and he was just helping her. Everyone believe Jai and scold Kanno for creating an issue on the road and ruining the family name. Poonam believes Kanno and thinks Jai is lying and she has to find out the truth. Kanno tries to commit suicide and everyone stop her.

Poonam and Akash plan to go on a picnic so that they can sort out the differences between Kanno and Jai. Everyone agrees and likes the idea. They go together and Mangla still tries to make Poonam and Kanno fight. But Poonam acts well and does not fight with Kanno. She is trying to help Kanno as she knows Jai is wrong and Kanno is right. Pooja comes there to meet Jai. Jai is tensed seeing her as she talks to Shashikant. Poonam will soon find out about Jai’s extra marital affair and will support Kanno in the fight of getting her husband back from Pooja. Stay tuned to the daily soap Ek Ghar Banaunga or read this column next week.