Shalini Kapoor–Rohit Sagar celebrate 10 years of marriage!

MUMBAI: The glamour world is filled with break-ups and divorces. While many people think that it is difficult for celebrities to maintain a marriage, there are couples who prove them wrong.

One such duo is Shalini Kapoor and Rohit Sagar. Shalini is known for many popular television shows like Swaragini, Qabool Hai, and Prithvi Vallabh, while Rohit has worked in Naagin 2. They celebrate a decade of togetherness today.

Shalini said, ‘We are completing 10 years of marriage today and that’s what makes it unique. I think the secret to a happy married life is when you learn to smoothly switch over pedestals. Sometimes, he would lead over day-to-day decisions as well as crucial ones, and sometimes I would. It’s so amazing to walk hand in hand through thick and thin. God has been super kind and I can’t thank Rohit enough for being such a supportive friend and partner. He made me a better human being, and I hope he feels the same for me.’

Rohit added, ‘I’m extremely thankful to the Almighty for all these blissful years of our married life. I was honestly nervous when we got married because I thought I’m not cut out for it. It is Shalini’s honesty and spirit towards this institution that made it happen. It is a woman who makes a good husband and a good home, and I think am extremely lucky to have her.’

Shalini is returning to Bollywood with Dhadak, where she will play actress Janhvi Kapoor’s mother.

business cash wishes the adorable couple a very happy wedding anniversary!

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