Parul to harm Raghab in Zee Bangla’s Saat Bhai Champa?

Kolkata: Gear up to watch some dramatic twists in the upcoming episodes of Zee Bangla’s fantasy series Saat Bhai Champa (Surinder Films)!

Avid viewers of the show would know that Parul (Promita Chakrabartty) needs to save Raghab (Rudrajit Mukherjee). So, she will try every possible way to save him but the journey ahead is not so easy.

In the upcoming episode, Parul successfully gets the neelkanto mukto from swarnokeshari sagorghora and gives it to Sakhini. Sakhini tells Parul that to save Raghab she needs to harm him as the mermaids can only increase their lifespan by drinking the blood of an unharmed human. Parul decides that is what she will do. Will Parul succeed in her plans and save Raghab?

Stay tuned to know more.

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