Saras tries to make Kumud free from Sunanda’s clutches in Saraswatichandra

Saras reaches Sundarnagar in search of Kumud and a thief takes his wallet and runs away. Saras sees him and runs after him. The thief is about to hit Saras and Majnu saves him. Saras scolds him for making the thief run away as the wallet had Kumud’s photo, who is his wife and whom he is searching here. He tells Majnu that she has ghungroos in her hand and she was finding someone. Majnu recollects that he met Kumud a day before and he had saved her from some goons. He tells this to Saras and Saras gets thankful to him for saving Kumud from the goons. Saras asks him more about Kumud, like where she went and where he saw her last. Majnu tells him that Kumud went to Chandni Bazaar to search some woman, Roopmati.

Majnu tells Saras that he will help him as they are true lovers. Majnu takes him to Chandni Bazaar. Before that, Saras sees the thief at his wallet and catches him. He beats the thief and takes his wallet back. Majnu makes a copy of Kumud’s photo to show to people and ask about her. Saras and Majnu look in the market for Kumud. Sunanda asks Kumud to wear the clothes she has given her. Kumud does not get the fitting right and Sunanda sends her to the tailor to get the dress altered. Kumud reaches the market and goes to the tailor. She is asked to do the trial and is sent to a room. Kumud sees a exit door there and goes out from there. She runs out and misses to see Saras.

Sunanda’s goons see Kumud running and follow to catch her. They catch her and make her sit in their car. Kumud then at last sees Saras there in the market and shouts Saras. Saras hears her and turns to see her. He sees some goons taking Kumud with them. He runs after the car till much distance but the car goes. Saras tells Majnu that some goons took Kumud with them. They come to know that Sunanda, the head of a Kotha is presenting a new girl’s dance today for all the rich men. They assume that the new girl is Kumud and Majnu cleverly finds out the address of Sunanda’s Kotha. Saras and Majnu reach there.

Saras brings police there and enters there asking for Kumud. Sunanda is shocked to see him and she hides Kumud somewhere else. Saras and police search there and could not find her. Sunanda tells the inspector that she does not have anyone and Saras has gone mad in his wife’s love. The inspector says we can’t help without any proof. Sunanda then tells Saras that Kumud is with her and she will never leave her. She tells him that he can never free Kumud from her clutches. Saras gets angry and has no option but to leave from there. He gets Kumud’s earrings there and understands that Kumud was kept in that room. She says Kumud I have come, now I will free you from here.

Saras and Majnu think of a plan. Majnu tells him that we can go there as guests for today’s dance presentation. Saras likes the idea and he gets dresses like a Sheikh to meet Kumud and fool Sunanda. Saras and Majnu come there and Sunanda is happy seeing a Sheikh coming to her Kotha with a bag full of money. Sunanda asks her girls to make Kumud ready. Many men start coming to see the dance of the new girl. Kumud has no option but to agree to Sunanda. Kumud is brought there and she sings Man Mohana……….. Saras enters then and hears her sing. Kumud does not sing, and greets everyone not showing them her face. Saras claps for her. Everyone claps then.

Saras gives some money to Sunanda and tells her that he wants to meet Kumud. She agrees and Saras goes to meet Kumud. Kumud says stay away, no one can touch me except my Saras. Saras holds her hand and she realizes that it is Saras dressed as Sheikh. She smiles happily and both of them cry seeing each other. Saras tells her that he will free her very soon. He leaves and asks Sunanda to send her to meet him at a park tomorrow and gives her more money. Sunanda agrees. Saras waits for Kumud with police at the park. Will Saras be able to free Kumud from Sunanda’s clutches? Keep reading.