Sandhya finds out Roma is the Naxal aide in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Bhabho does the Ghunghor puja at home with her daughter in laws and all vicinity women. Taisa comes with all ladies and everyone are eager to do the puja. Bhabho and Sooraj miss Sandhya on this festival. Bhabho thinks whether Sandhya may remember about the fast or not, will she keep the fast or skip it. She prays for her victory that she wins the best cadet trophy and also the posting in their area. Sandhya remembers about the fast and keeps it. She does not tell anyone about it and misses her family a lot. Emily and Mohit have to leave for Goa on their assignment. Mohit wants to hurry up and asks Emily to finish the puja soon. Emily says she can’t tell Taisa to back off. Mohit tells Taisa that they have to leave soon and Emily will do the puja before her. Taisa is offended and taunts them, but later agrees.

Officer Singh and Rastogi plan a mock test wherein the cadets are told to run off soon because of the Naxal attack on them. Everyone assume its true and try to escape from the jungle. Then Officer Singh is held by some men who has guns with them and they aim at her. Sandhya stops seeing that and supports her. Officer Singh asks her to leave and follow her order. But Sandhya gets emotional and stands with her taking the risk of her life. Everyone looks on as they go far. They don’t come to help as they were following the orders. Sandhya fights with the men and they fire in the air. Officer Singh scolds Sandhya for being foolish and not following her orders. She asks Sandhya to always keep the country first, and never get emotional. She tells everyone did a good job by doing as she said and only Sandhya went against her. Sandhya apologizes to her.

Officer Singh asks Sandhya to prove her mettle and go well in gun firing. She asks Zakir to train Sandhya. Zakir trains Sandhya and sees her low performance. He thinks she is doing this intentionally to make him out of the academy and scolds her. Officer Singh sees them arguing and takes Sandhya alone to train her. She holds a small board and asks Sandhya to shoot on it. Rahul tries to help Sandhya to shooting right, but Sandhya shoots before him, and she hits at Officer Singh’s hand. Officer Singh gets hurt and understands Sandhya is very weak in gun firing. She is given first aid and brought to the camp. Officer Singh is wanted by the Naxals to train their men. The Naxals ask their supporter who is one of the cadets to bring Officer Singh to them.

Sandhya is asked to give gun firing test. She is asked to shoot 8/10 targets and Sandhya shoots only 7 and loses. Officer Singh says she has lost the chance to win the best cadet trophy now. Zakir is asked to leave the academy as Sandhya lost and he could not train her well. Zakir is shattered and gets angry on Sandhya. He thinks Sandhya is doing this to make him leave as a revenge. He does not believe Sandhya. Meenakshi calls some officials and tells them that Emily is using expired products on her customers. The officials comes to check and they get the expired products. Sooraj talks to them and they ask Sooraj to shut the shop as they have to take action on them. Emily cries and everyone comes home.

Everyone ask Emily why did she do this. Emily looks at Mohit. Mohit gets tensed and puts all the blame on Emily making himself clean in Bhabho and Sooraj’s eyes. Meenakshi knows it was Mohit’s mistake and thinks he is not even loyal with his wife. The Naxals kidnap Sandhya by mistake, as they wanted Officer Singh. Later on, Officer Singh is also kidnapped. Sandhya witnesses everything being there in their camp and tries to know who is the insider.

The chief asks his men to burn Sandhya but she runs from there. She comes to her base camp and keeps an eye on everyone to know who is the cheater. She is shocked to know its Roma. She calls out everyone and tells them that Roma has kidnapped Officer Singh and sent her to the Naxals. No one believes Sandhya except Zakir. Rahul supports Roma as he loves her and wants to marry her. Zakir signs Sandhya to understand his plan and they fool Roma to know about Officer Singh. Zakir and Sandhya are on Officer Singh’s rescue mission. Will they get Officer Singh back? Keep reading…