Sandhya gets shot by Maya; Bhabho plans to unite Meenakshi and Vikram in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Disha comes to meet Prema and tells her that about the meeting tomorrow morning to deal for arms. Zakir and Sandhya talk to RK. They give sweets to RK and says there was bomb blast in Pushkar. She says we all know your motive was much bigger than you say. RK says you are boring us. Zakir says we have caught your helper, who told us that your aim was to just make a call and make the bomb blast possible. RK understands their plan and just says my 3 helpers, which gives a hint to Sandhya. Zakir and Sandhya follow a man. Sandhya says I m sure we will know the secret of Operation Grahan. She gets a woman and Maya shouts the villagers to save the woman. ‘

Prema wants to steal Bhabho’s cupboard keys and get her money bag. She fails to take it and fools Meenakshi in her plan. rema acts sweet and says she did not come to meet Vikram, she can understand her pain, how is this pain to see your husband with someone else, I have experienced this, I was thinking to take my belongings and leave. She asks Meenakshi to get the bags and uses her. Meenakshi gives the bag from the cupboard and Prema leaves with the money bag. Everyone look for Prema in morning. Prema comes back and blames Meenakshi. Prema says Meenakshi has kicked me out of this house at night, I said I will go in morning. Meenakshi says liar, you told me you will go. Bhabho does not believe Meenakshi.

Sandhya calls control room and asks for some police officers in civil dress. Sandhya tells Zakit that team is coming, today we will know RK’s motive and get his helpers. Sooraj defends Meenakshi to Bhabho. Sandhya tells Zakir that she feels the girl is RK’s helper. RK says yes, the bag looks like having money. RK starts hitting his head to the wall. The guards think to call Zakir and Sandhya. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to sign on the divorce papers. Meenakshi refuses to sign. Sooraj says Meenakshi is right. Sandhya goes to catch the woman and their network. They aim guns at them.

Disha thinks if Sandhya sees me, it will be big trouble. She gets tensed. Sandhya looks at her. Maya fools the villagers and asks them to save their people. Maya creates a chaos and aims at Sandhya to save Disha from getting caught. Bhabho says if Meenakshi does not sign, I have other way to free my son, I will drag her to court. She says she will send her to jail for swapping the kids. She says then she will be proved bad mum and wife, and Misri will also be taken away. Meenakshi signs on the papers. Vikram gets reluctant and then signs. Sooraj gets angry and leaves.

Bhabho and Babasa go to him and tell him their plan to unite Vikram and Meenakshi. She says I wanted to see does Vikram really hate her or is he angry, I have seen him thinking, and understood that he still loves Meenakshi. She says his anger is ruining everything. He says if Meenakshi can become helpless because of Misri and sign the papers, it proved she has goodness, I don’t want to break them apart, they will always be together. Maya shoots Sandhya. Zakir hears the gunshot and runs to her. Sandhya is rushed to the hospital and Sooraj comes to meet her. She asks him to make her happy by wearing the clothes she gifted him. Emily opens the door and asks everyone to come fast.

They see someone at the door. Its Sooraj wearing black shirt and blue jeans. Everyone compliment him. Bhabho sees Sandhya hurt and makes a lep for her. Bhabho says its not Meenakshi’s mistake, I m also responsible for all this, it takes time to change a person. Sandhya says will this be injustice for Prema. She is pregnant, why are we showing her fake hope. Bhabho says you are good, so you find everyone good, no, she is not so good as she pretends. She says how can she agree to marry someone after bearing so much, how can she agree so soon, when I asked her to sign on divorce papers, she did not take two minutes.

Maya scolds Disha and Prema for fighting, don’t think Operation Grahan is a joke, its dangerous mission, its not joke to hijack a plane, if this succeeds, we will get RK and RK will get his revenge. Prema says police got the arms list. Maya tells the shop owner that Pushkar police will be with families, and this pots come from outside the cities, our arms will come in this.Sandhya and Zakir have full security at all check posts. Sandhya says this time we will celebrate Karwachauth in police department, we gave Karwa order outside Pushkar. Maya puts bullets in the Karwa and hides it. Maya calls someone and says arms have left from here, arms are in green cloth Karwas in ASP Zakir’s car. Will Sandhya be able to stop Operation Grahan? Keep reading.