Ranvi rejects Baldev’s marriage proposal for Veera; Veera goes against Ranvi in Veera

Ratan and Chaiji ask Veera to tell Ranvi about Baldev, and he will agree as Baldev changed now and he is his brother in law, so he will definitely agree. Veera goes to Ranvi. Baldev calls Veera and she talks to Ratan. He asks her did she tell Ranvi about them and what did he say. She tells yes to Ratan and he thinks Ranvi said yes. He happily informs his family and comes there with shagun and band. Baldev says I know everything that Veera told you everything, so don’t pull my leg, just fix the wedding date.

He says Veera and I can’t stay apart for many days now. Ranvi is shocked. Baldev hugs Ranvi happily and says everyone agree for this, and you also said yes, now we are equal.we both are each other’s brother in laws. Ranvi looks at Gunjan, Veera and everyone. He says such a big thing, Veera you did not tell me. Baldev and his family is shocked. Veera comes to Ranvi and says she was scared. He says you told everyone, but not me, they knew and agreed, it means my yes or no don’t have any value. She says she will marry Baldev if he says yes, else not. She says she can live without Baldev, but will die if he does not talk to her. She holds his feet and cries. He says I want you to get the best and can you give me time to be alone.

Baldev and Veera talk and clear the misunderstanding. Everyone keep Jalsa party for Ranvi and Baldev does all arrangements well. Ranvi likes it. Ranvi goes to market and meets few people. Ranvi thanks the people for giving permission to give the land. The man says Baldev has put knife on my neck and threatened my family, so I gave the land. Ranvi is shocked and says I will talk to him. The man says no, Baldev will kill us. Ranvi apologizes. Ranvi says what he did is wrong, we wanted to buy your land, but not by force. I will talk to him, as this is wrong. Gunjan wears short clothes and walks in market. Ratan and Chaiji see people seeing her.

Ratan, Chai ji and Gunjan come home. Ratan talks to Gunjan about her clothes. She says we are not stopping your modern clothes, you are like Veera for us, but people are staring at you, wear jeans or tshirt outside, not this short minis. Gunjan agrees. Ranvi asks Baldev did he threaten the man for the land. Baldev says he was not agreeing, she was so worried, did I go to kidnap his daughter, he took money to give the land. Ranvi says he gave permission being helpless. Ranvi asks is this right. Baldev says yes, world works like this. Veera calms him. They have an argument.

Ranvi says you wanted to know what I think about this marriage, my answer is No. Veera and Baldev are shocked. Gunjan tells Ranvi that Baldev loves Veera a lot. Ranvi says no, he is not mature, he feels everything is game. She says Veera loves Baldev a lot, think about them. Veera asks Baldev why did he come. He says I don’t care about Ranvi, he loved Gunjan and married her, did I say anything, if I love you and want to marry, why is he coming in between, I won’t let him do this. She asks what will you do. He says I will take you, we will marry by eloping. She says its wrong and explains him.

Baldev tells Veera that he wants to take her for seeing Dangal in neighbor pind. She says Ranvi will not agree. He gets annoyed and says I feel you don’t love me, you can do anything for me or not? Veera goes to Ranvi to seek permission and he says no. Veera thinks sorry, she is going against Ranvi and can’t break Baldev’s heart. She gets Baldev’s call and says she is ready. She keeps pillows on her bed and leaves with Baldev. Baldev and Veera come in the Dangal where the wrestling is going on. Ranvi is shocked seeing the pillows and gets angry. He goes to Ratan and Nihaal.

Ranvi says I know where she went and with whom, she went to see Dangal with Baldev, I told her that place is not safe for her, she always agreed to me, its first time she went against me. Veera and Baldev enjoy in the Dangal. Baldev protects her. Gunjan says what does Ranvi think. Can’t Baldev take care of Veera, what sin did he do. Bansuri is happy and thinks this will benefit her. Gunjan argues with Ratan. The men there get annoyed with Baldev and Veera and go to beat them. Will Ranvi see Baldev’s good side or not? Keep reading.