Saath Nibhana Saathiya written update May 19, 2017: Sameera decides to destroy Gopi's family

The scene of Saath Nibhana Saathiya begins with Ricky tallying his cash while Seeta comes inside his room. Ricky shrouds the cash and yells at Seeta for coming into his room. Seeta discloses to him that she saw Ricky conversing with a young lady and its not great.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya composed refresh May 17, 2017: Ricky makes Kokila irate by offering her liquor

Ricky snickers and reveals to her that she ought not be envious. Seeta discloses to him that why will she get desirous of anything and she leaves from that point. Ricky then calls Sameera however she dosen’t pick his telephone calls.

Sameera conceives that she needs to at any rate render the retribution from Gopi’s family as her Mother passed on due to Gopi’s family and she needs to at any rate wreck them. She imagines that by means of Ricky she will ruin everything in Gopi’s family.

In the interim, Seeta serves sustenance to Ricky for supper and he gets irate and tosses the nourishment on the floor. Kokila gets furious and requests that he clean the floor and to apologize to Seeta. Gopi additionally yells at him and requests that he do what Kokila said else he should go out.

Then again, Bhavani goes to Dharam’s room and he leaves from that point. She understands that Meera would have effectively ruin Bhavani’s picture infront of Dharam.

Bhavani then goes to Meera and reveals to him that now she is Dharam’s significant other and Meera ought not meddle in her life. Meera reveals to Bhavani that soon she will show her out of the house.

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