Raman shocked to know Ashok is Ruhi’s father in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita gets an award for her social contribution in dental industry. She is called by the association in a reputed award function. Amma and Appa want Raman and his family to come too. Ishita invites Raman and the Bhallas. The Bhallas agrees to come but Raman straightly refuses. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to come for the award function and also asks Mihir to send Raman there by any way. Mihir lies to Raman about the award function and instead tells him that there is a business meeting which is only for the heads. He asks Raman to attend the meeting and gives him the address. Raman unaware goes to the place and sees Ishita’s award function. He gets angry on Mihir.

Everyone are happy to see Raman there. Raman and his mum feel sleepy by Ishita’s long speech. Ashok calls Ruhi and talks to her. He asks her to question Raman how does she look and why does she not look like Raman. Raman gets angry on Ruhi and shouts on her infront of everyone. Ishita is shocked seeing his behavior with the child. She hugs Ruhi and paciifies her asking her not to cry. Raman leaves in anger. He constantly thinks of Ashok’s words that Ruhi is his daughter and is the proof of his and Shagun’s togetherness.

Raman comes home and again gets angry on Ruhi when she tries to talk to him. Ishita sees this and defends Ruhi. She scolds Raman for his ill behavior. Ishita tells him that she married him only for the sake of Ruhi and can go to any extent to save her from his anger. Raman irritates Ishita further by watching tv at high sound and not letting her sleep. She turns off the lights and tv and sleeps. Raman feels this is the side effects of marriage. Ishita tells everyone at home about what Raman did with Ruhi and his bad behavior. Mr. Bhalla gets angry on Raman and asks everyone not to treat Raman well so that he can understand what Ruhi feels when her dad does not talk to her well.

Mr. Bhalla asks his family to completely boycott Raman and not give him food also. He asks Simmi to give the food kept for Raman to the beggars. Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed with Ishita for bringing gap between father and son. She does not know that Ishita is trying to bridge the gap between Ruhi and Raman. No one does any work of Raman and does not give him food. Raman finds another way and goes to his in laws, the Iyers. Amma treats Raman well and cooks delicious dishes for him. Appa irons his shirts and helps him. Mihika also takes care of Raman. Ishita comes to meet Amma and sees Raman at her home having food which Amma made.

She sees Appa ironing Raman’s clothes. Raman teases Ishita and tells her that he has two homes, if one boycotts, he has the option of another. Mrs. Bhalla comes there and takes Raman with her saying I will take good care of you, you don’t need to be here with these Iyers. Ishita does not know how to react. She tries hard to make Raman talk to Ruhi. Raman comes to know that Mr. Bhalla has given all the property to Ruhi. He thinks how to tell everyone that Ruhi is not his daughter and not a family member. He thinks it will break everyone’s hearts. He goes to do a DNA test and takes Ruhi’s hair samples. He thinks he does not the guts to know and accept the truth, so it is better if it is hidden. He says even if Ashok is Ruhi’s father, he can still love her as always.

Ruhi takes the puppy for a walk and a big dog comes barking and bites her. Raman sees Ruhi crying and runs to her. Ishita also sees that and everyone panic seeing Ruhi bleed. They take Ruhi to the hospital. The doctor asks Raman to give her blood being her father. Raman thinks what will I do if my blood does not match, what will I reply to my family. To avoid this situation, he tells everyone that he is unwell and would not give blood to Ruhi. Ishita and everyone are shocked seeing his rudeness. Ishita calls Shagun and Ashok comes to give blood to Ruhi which further makes Raman angry. Will Raman find it about Ashok’s big lie? Keep reading.