Poonam to support Kanno in Ek Ghar Banaunga

Kanno argues with Mangla taking Poonam’s side. She says Poonam is selfless and only she is the one who is supporting me. She asks Mangla to learn from Poonam how to be good and helpful. Mangla is annoyed seeing the unity between Poonam and Kanno. Kanno goes to meet Pooja to her house. She taunts Pooja and brings her truth out infront of her neighbors that she has snatched her husband Jai from her. She urges them to think what will happen if the same happened with them. All the neighbors doubt on Pooja’s character by hearing to Kanno. They support Kanno and asks Pooja to leave their locality as she may even take a chance on their husbands.

Pooja is thrown out with her luggage. She calls Jai but can’t reach him, as Poonam has hidden his phone and made it unreachable. Jai looks out for his phone but in vain. Poonam thinks Jai should not be able to help Pooja and she should be worried after coming on road. She plans such that she can go to help Pooja and win her trust. Pooja starts trusting Poonam as Poonam brings her home. Pooja lies to Poonam that she is pregnant with Jai’s child and have no place to live now. Poonam doubts on her but does not let her know. She brings her to the Garg house and tells everyone about Pooja’s pregnancy. She tells them that Pooja will be leaving with them from now on. Pooja and Jai are very happy.

Everyone in the family are shocked with Poonam’s decision. Shashikant gets angry and can’t understand why Poonam is doing this. Poonam talks to him and asks him to agree with her decision as whatever she is doing is for Kanno’s future. He believes Poonam and supports her. He agrees to keep Pooja in their house. Mangla is shocked and does not want Pooja to stay in the house, but agrees only as she is pregnant and would be giving them Jai’s child which Kanno could not give them since many years.

Akash does not understand this move of Poonam and gets angry on her. They have a talk and have a heated argument where Poonam’s way of handling the issue does not look good to Akash. He asks Poonam to tell everyone Pooja’s truth and kick her out of the house. Poonam says by doing so, we can’t kick her out from Jai’s life. She says we have to make Jai see her real face and feel the difference between Kanno and Pooja. Akash does not agree with this and says this time I m not with you and I won’t help or support you. Poonam is heartbroken but firm in her decision thinking what she is doing is right and she will surely succeed.

Poonam asks Pooja did she go to any doctor for her check up. Pooja says no, not yet. Poonam doubts on her pregnancy and understands that Pooja is lying. Poonam asks Jai to take Pooja to the doctor and find out about the health of the baby. Jai thanks Poonam for bringing Pooja home and saving the life of her and the baby. He also thanks her for this suggestion and says he will take Pooja to the doctor. He tells Pooja to get ready as they are going to the doctor. Pooja thinks she lied to everyone that she is pregnant and now has to save herself from going to doctor else everyone will know about her lie and kick her out of the house.

Pooja calls her mum at home and she creates a huge drama in the house. She slaps Pooja for having an affair with a married man and also blames Jai for making her daughter pregnant. She asks Jai to leave Kanno and marry her daughter Pooja. Everyone is shocked. Kanno cries and breaks down. Poonam pacifies her and asks her not to worry as she won’t let anything wrong happen with her. Kanno calms down and thinks what to do next. Poonam talks to everyone about Kanno’s rights over Jai as she is his legal wife. Mangla supports Jai and not Kanno. Poonam asks Kanno to believe her. Will Poonam save Kanno’s marriage? Keep reading.