Rajasthani flavour in Zee Bangla’s Rannaghar

Readers, all of you, who love Rajasthan, gear up for the upcoming show of Zee Bangla’s Rannaghar.
The makers have planned for a special show for its loyal viewers, who love all things Rajasthani.
So, what are the features of the particular episode? Read on to know…
Guest and food
We hear that the guest of the episode is good looking Sweta Tiwari (common woman). When we buzzed host Sudipa Chatterjee to know more about it, she said, “Sweta is the guest of the show and she will represent Rajasthan through food. Via the episode, we will share the nitty gritty of preparing Rajasthani dishes mangodi ki sabji and lapsi.”

There is more…
Sudipa also added saying that there is more for the audience. As the episode is all about the state of Rajasthan, there will be Rajasthani dance performances too and the performer will be none other than Sweta herself. “The flavour of a particular state can be felt not just by food but also by its culture. So, there will be dance performances too and Sweta will be seen in Rajasthani attire,” signed off Sudipa.

So, get ready for the show. It will be aired on 28 January at 4.30 pm.
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