Duplicate twist: ‘Double’ trouble for Rajni

Full House Media’s entertaining show Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant might be on its way out but the storyline promises to keep audiences glued till it lasts!!

The upcoming track will bring in a ‘duplicate’ Rajni (Ridhima Pandit) which will create a chaos in the Rajnikant household.

With this, Ridhima will get to play a dual role. A woman in distress will bump into Sharmila (Tanvi Thakkar) and Shogota (Neha Kaul) and they will assume the girl to be Rajni and get her home.

However, she will be Rajni’s look-alike, Rajjo, a woman who would have run away from her husband.
With Rajjo’s entry in the house, Surili (Pallavi Pradhan) will get a shock of her life as she will see before her not one, but two girls posing to be Rajni.

This track will go on air from tonight.

How will the family react to this ‘double’ trouble?
We buzzed Ridhima but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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