Prem-Tejaswini to share their first KISS in Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi

Drum rolls!!!
We know reading the headline itself must have built excitement for Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi … Dekhi Nahin Kahi viewers.
The above mentioned Dee Jaa Films and Pixx Entertainment drama will have a romantic scene between the lead couple Prem (Pranav Misshra) and Tejaswini (Jyoti Sharma).
The duo who started their love story with arrogance are now madly in love with each other. The action packed love tale will have the lovebirds sharing their first kiss.
Yes, in the upcoming episode, Prem and Tejaswini who are head over heels in love and sharing some romantic moments together will soon share a passionate kiss in the show.
We can already sense the TRPs soaring up!
We buzzed the actors but they remained unavailable to comment.
Are you excited to watch the kissing sequence?

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