Prashant locks Saras at a godown, but he frees himself and tells his truth to Kumud planning to get him punished in Saraswatichandra

Saras confronts Prashant and they have a fight where Saras beats him hard and Prashant falls. Mahesh comes there and hits Saras on his head making him fall unconscious. They both take him and lock him at a godown. Kumud and Saras’ marriage pic frame falls and she rushes to it. She holds the broken glass pieces and tears roll down her cheeks. Badimaa feels tensed about Saras and calls Kumud to ask about him, but she lies to him. Prashant takes Saras’ phone and messages Kumud that he went away by his wish and will back when he wants. Kumud reads it and says no, he can’t leave me alone like this. She cries.

Prashant says I can’t see your pain Kumud, but what to do, till Saras was in your life, I did not had any chance, I will send him very far that he won’t come back. I will first trouble him and then free him forever from his life. Danny lies to Kabir that Vidyachatur is not well and Kabir runs back home being tensed. Kumud says Prashant she is much worried for Saras. He holds her hand and says don’t worry. He thinks now you will always be with me Kumud.Saras wakes up to find his hands and legs tied. She says no, Saras can’t do this, I feel something happened to him, I m feeling afraid. Prashant thinks this trust will break soon, she will hate him soon.

Badimaa asks Anushka to think about Kabir once more and Anushka refuses as she does not want to marry anyone. Even Kusum tells the same to her, but Anushka is still adamant on her decision. Everyone scold Kabir for leaving the house like this. Anushka comes to talk to him and apologizes for refusing to marry him, but says they will always be in touch as friends. She asks him to add on social sites and they switch on the laptop. They are shocked to see Saras’ status message on the social sites. Kabir says how can he go like this and Kumud Bhabhi did not tell anything.

He shows it to everyone and Danny says no way, Saras can’t do this, they call up Kumud to ask her. Kumud cries and tells them everything what happened. They are shocked. Vidyachatur faints. Everyone rush him to his room .Danny says Kabir, Anushka and I are coming tomorrow and quickly book their Mumbai tickets. Prashant is diverting Kumud to make her spend time with him. Prashant comes to see Saras and holds Saras’ collar and asks why don’t you get out of Kumud’s mind and our lives. Saras says so you did not win Kumud’s trust, you won’t be able to do anything.

Prashant says I m doing, I brought you so far and Kumud is with me. Saras says its your misunderstanding, Kumud will be mine, so forget her. Prashant says I won’t, how will you save Kumud in this state. Saras says I will save her. Prashant takes a rod in his hand in anger and beats at Saras’ neck. Saras closes his eyes and falls. Saras gets free by cutting the ropes and finds a loose door. He gets a screw driver and takes out all the screws to pull the door out. He moves it hard and gets through it with much difficulty. He comes out and rushes to meet Kumud. The guard tells Kumud that Saras met Sanjana that day and she tells this to Prashant. Kumud asks Sanjana did she meet her husband and shows Saras’ pic.

Prashant looks at Sanjana and thinks how he has threatened her. Sanjana lies to her and Kumud wonders why is she lying. Kumud talks to Saras’ pic and cries. Prashant sees her and says don’t cry for him, I won’t give you time to mourn for his death. Kumud sleeps in the sofa crying and Saras comes to her. She wakes up and is happy seeing him. She hugs him and sees his wounds. He says first close all the curtains fast, hurry up. Saras sees the wall repaired again. Saras tells Kumud everything about Prashant and she is shocked knowing he killed Pooja and hidden her dead body in the wall. Prashant comes to meet Kumud and sees Danny and Kabir there.

She says they have to come to help me, they are Saras’ brothers. Saras tells everything to them and they decide to teach Prashant a lesson and make him admit all his crimes and send him to jail. Danny and Kabir ask Kumud to take her report back. Prashant thinks now Kumud has to agree as they are saying it now. What will Saras do now to expose Prashant? Keep reading.