Dev survives the accident planned by Shaurya; Shekhar brings proof to expose Durga in Ek Haseena Thi

Shaurya waits for the good news that Dev is dead in the accident he has made done. Inspector Mukherjee says Shaurya that Dev is alive, the accident happened but the truck fell in the valley, the driver got killed and Dev and Gautam are safe. Shaurya gets angry and thinks how can this happen. Shaurya asks him to clear all evidences and nothing should link to him. He comes home and sees Suchitra crying. He too starts acting. Dev calls Suchitra and says he is fine, as he said he has her safety shield. Rajnath says he will go to hospital and bring him home. He understands Shaurya is acting and asks him did he make this accident happen with Dev, as he knows he is very jealous of him and wanted to kill him.

Shaurya lies to him. Dev says I feel it was not an accident, but a planned attack. Someone tried to kill me, till I m not sure, lets not tell to family. Shaurya asks who will kill you and why. Dev says even I want to find out. Shaurya thinks next time you won’t be saved. Akash informs Durga that Dev is fine and she is relieved, but thinks why was he going to Bhishnupur where Payal is kept at the farmhouse and thinks to find out by meeting Dev. Suchitra asks Dev to go for an x ray and he refuses. Durga comes to see how is he and Suchitra asks her to take Dev. Durga agrees and takes him. She asks him about why he went t Bhishnupur and then he realizes he lost Nitya’s pendent there.

He rushes to the accident spot and starts finding it. She asks what is he finding. He shows her Nitya’s pendant. She thinks about Nitya gifting Dev a good luck locket. She thinks did Dev loves it more than his life. He says thank God I got it, I did not realize when it got away from my neck, you know what I can lose my life, but not this locket. Shekhar tells Sakshi that he brought golden news about Durga, she had a surgery in USA hospital. Sakshi calls the doctor and asks what happened with Durga. Bur the doctor does not give her any details and informs Daya about this. Dayal is alert now and thanks him for keeping the info confidential. Dev says you know Durga, Nitya and I were great friends that when one thought, other spoke, it was our connection.

He says Nitya is somewhere and I will find her. Durga comes home and talks to Dayal about Dev and the locket. She says I don’t understand how did Dev preserve the locket all these years as if its his life, he could not bear losing it. She says you should have seen him, he was so worried, and was talking me, I mean Nitya, as if she is alive for him, like nothing happened, he regards me his best friend even today, but he did not support me in my bad time, how can he say this now. Dayal says Durga I told you before, Dev is not like other Goenkas, I m happy that you also feel this. Shaurya plans with his friends to attack on Dev again and this time he will be there at the spot to see him dead.

Shekhar is surprised to see Durga at the café and she admits to him that she is not Durga Thakur. Shekhar is shocked. She challenges him to prove it and if he fails, he has to fall on her feet and apologize. Shekhar accepts the challenge and meets Sakshi. He tells her to invite Durga home and he will go to her home to find any proof against her identity. Sakshi makes Suchitra invite her for the puja kept for Dev and Durga agrees to come with Dayal. Gautam meets Durga and tells her that Dev has always loved Nitya but could not tell her. She is shocked. Durga tells Dayal that she will find out whom Dev loves by seeing whose pic he has kept in his locket. She comes in the puja and goes to meet Dev in his room.

She is about to see his locket but Dev comes after having bath. They go down for the puja. Shekhar finds out some real Durga’s pics and sees her birthmark. He comes to Goenka house to expose her and tells everyone that she is not real Durga Thakur. Shaurya loses his mind and beats him. Shekhar shows them the pics of the birthmark and asks Durga to prove him wrong by showing the birth mark to everyone. Durga and Dayal get tensed. What will Durga do now? Will she be able to prove Shekhar wrong? Keep reading.