On World Television Day, renowned telly fames have collectively revealed about their favourite small-screen entertainment shows

Ever wondered what the actors, whom we see on the screens of our televisions, like to see on their screens? Or do they even like to watch it? On ‘World Television Day’ today, we spoke with actors to know what keeps them hooked to their small screens…

The current buzz of B-Town Gauahar Khan reveals, “Reality shows are my all-time favourites and these days, all I am watching is Bigg Boss. I can watch reality shows over and over again. I love these shows because there is an instant human connect with them. Besides, I also like figuring out what human beings are like really when they’re put in unusual situations that are created on the show.”.

Actress Sriti Jha reveals, “I like TV shows that I can relate to, they should have stories that are honest. I now give my attention to shows that make me grow as a person. These are shows that represent the capacity of every human being to essentially become better.”.

“I cannot stand watching daily soaps that have a lot of ‘rona-dhona’ and unrealistic drama in them. If any show like that pops up while I am watching TV, I immediately switch it off. I enjoy watching regional cinema; they have always been my favourite. The way they present their content always fascinates me.”, says Himani Shivpuri.

Meera Deosthale says, “I like watching shows that have some substance and give out a message to the people. It should also have thrills and romance that can be watched with the entire family. My mother loves watching women-centric shows, which, I think, are largely loved by the viewers who are like my mother.”.

Vindu Dara Singh discloses, “I like to watch reality shows like Bigg Boss. Thrillers shows also catch my attention immediately. Since I am shooting now, I am not able to see my favourite shows in real-time, but I make sure to see the recorded versions when I get time. I am also not able to tweet my reactions like I did before as I am busy shooting.”.

Popular actress Delnaaz Irani expresses, “I like watching shows that do not sap me of my energy, especially after a hectic day. My go-to shows are the comedy ones for sure, but I also love watching shows related to travel and food.”.

“I haven’t had a cable connection at my home for the past two years. I didn’t even get it repaired since everything is online now. If at all I see some show somewhere, it is only to see what my other actor friends are upto or what is happening on other shows. I also watch TV to learn new skills and keep myself informed, just like reading a newspaper.”, says Sucheta Khanna.

Last but not the least, actor Akshay Anand reveals, “Everyone wants to know what is happening in the country and I think there is nothing better than a few news channels that help us keep track of that. I also watch a lot of Hollywood films as I’m a big fan of science fiction. I miss watching cult comedy shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh.”.

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