Niranjan agrees to get Jyoti and Sid married; Sid’s sister Riya eyes Shlok and finds him hot in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Shlok and Varad are shocked to see the newspaper with Jyoti and Siddharth’s pic and the article ruining Niranjan’s name about Jyoti’s affair being married to Abhay. Abhay calls Niranjan and taunts him. Abhay tells him to see the newspaper about his defamation. Anjali comes and sees Niranjan’s anger. Abhay says I did this for you, this is my gift you, as we both are lucky to have daughters. Shlok slaps Sid. Renuka defends Sid and puts all the blame on Jyoti and asks Shlok to control his sister. Astha calls Sid to talk to him, but Renuka takes the call and scolds her. Renuka says Shlok has slapped him, its good I came in between. Jyoti defends Astha and blames herself.

She asks how can you slap Sid. Shlok says I m your brother. Jyoti says people want to gossip, I don’t care about them. She cries and says I worry only about Siddharth. She says he has saved my life and my daughter, he thought about me, not the society, I love him. Abhay was sending me to Kolhapur to abort this baby too. The man whom you slapped, supported me, he did not know I m Agnihotri’s daughter, today Anaya is alive and breathing, only because of him, he did a lot for me without any hope. The media comes and asks Niranjan what does he want to see about this news. He says my daughter Jyoti did not leave her husband, she was bearing all tortures by her husband and mum in law.

He says her patience broke when her third child was being aborted. Niranjan says her dreams and her daughter’s life is at stake, so we have decided to get her remarried. He says now I have chosen Siddharth for my daughter. The media praises Niranjan for having such broad thinking. They apologize to Niranjan for troubling and says congrats for his new start. Jyoti is very happy and hugs Niranjan. Shlok and Astha have a discussion about Niranjan, and she says she can’t believe what he did. Shlok scolds her for thinking so about his dad.Shlok asks Sid to marry Jyoti on one condition that he will live in their house. Sid refuses When I started liking Jyoti, I wasn’t aware that she belongs to this big family. I do not need your money, just need Jyoti and Anaya. I can earn and feed my wife and daughter. I will give them every happiness on his own. Niranjan fixes the alliance and Sid thanks him.

Shlok and Astha’s arguments lead to the challenge of pretending to be strangers and living till they accept they can’t live without each other. They have few funny scenes and looks very cute fighting. Astha covers her face with her saree as Shlok is changing. She asks is he not ashamed to change like this. He asks who are you, how can you come in anyone’s room. She says Anjali aunty has sent me here, I knew you are so characterless, with bad sight. He gets angry and holds her, asking her to mind her words and behave well. He thinks as she is going, she will come to me in double speed.

Shlok tells Astha its bad to see into a stranger’s room. He holds a lighter and says you called me characterless. She gets tensed and runs out. Shlok smiles. Shlok and Astha go out together to the decorator’s office. A man bumps into Astha and looks at her back smiling. He says some stupid liners and stops her way. Shlok comes there and holds his collar. He slaps him and says you want her number, you are teasing a girl. Astha stops Shlok. Shlok says Bhai, I m sorry for slapping you, she likes when anyone teases her. They meet the decorator and Astha does not let Shlok speak. Her hair fly and he stares at her falling in love with her all over again. Renuka tells Sid that his dad and sister Riya are coming.

She says I have to send Riya with the shagun haldi.Shlok and Varad have a good time partying and watching cricket in the room, while Astha is annoyed as Shlok is not missing her. Astha’s dupatta gets caught and she says Shlok, I knew you won’t be able to stay without me, come on leave my Pallu. Shlok sees this hiding and controls his laughter on her silly assumption. She smiles and says I can’t live without you Shlok even for a min and goes inside the room. Shlok says he can’t live without her even for a min. Astha helps Shlok in making him wear the dhoti thanks and laughs. Shlok collides with Sid’s sister and all the flower petals falls on them. Astha sees him looking at the girl. Anjali asks Astha to mix Sid’s shagun haldi in their regular haldi. Sid’s sister Riya looks for Shlok. Will Riya fall in love with Shlok? Keep reading.