Ayesha throws Pankhudi’s birthday party to surprise Adi; She wants Adi to get rid of sleeping pills in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Ayesha plans a grand birthday party of Pankhudi to surprise Adi and make him assure that Pankhudi is still in hearts of everyone and they will always love her. Avantika did not wish to come in the party, but comes for family’s sake. She wears the outfit which Ayesha gifted her and looks awesome. Bau ji talks to Avantika and asks her to help Adi in moving on and accept Ayesha. Avantika says I m sorry, but I can’t spoil my son’s life. He says she will make his life good, she did this for Adi’s happiness. Sheela says I want Adi to get happy with this party. Adi sees Pankhudi’s sweet memories on the AV.

Ayesha says I hope you like this gift from my side. Adi gets tears on his eyes, as lights come and he sees the party arrangements. Adi thanks Ayesha and they smile looking at each other, while Avantika notices them. Nani says Ayesha is a good wife. Ayesha talks to Anuj and says Harish and Adi did not patchup. Adi really looks good in his designer suit. Ayesha takes Adi to Harish for their patchup. Adi and Ayesha cut the cake together. Adi goes to stage and thanks everyone for coming. He says what to say to respect your efforts. He says see Pankhudi, people miss you even now, I miss you so much. Adi thinks about Pankhudi. Ayesha’s surprise is a dance act, where she makes all the family dance together and be happy smiling.

Ayesha says happy birthday Pankhudi. Rubel says everyone is together for Pankhudi. Bau ji praises Ayesha and talks to Sheela. Ayesha sees lights on in Adi’s room and goes to him. She sees him looking at Pankhudi’s pic. Avantika drags her far. Avantika says you won’t get anything, by what right are you concerned. Ayesha says I m his wife. Avantika says I m here to take care of him, I don’t want a rented wife for my son, he gave you his surname being pity on you, as Pankhudi will be his wife forever. Ayesha says Adi regards her good friend. Avantika says don’t try to make any relation with my son, don’t show care and concern, don’t be around my son, he is my son and don’t try to make him your personal property. Avantika says I have to bring his life back on track.

Sheela hears Ayesha and Nani talking and comes to know Ayesha loves Adi. Ayesha arranges Adi’s cupboard and gets a sleeping pills bottle. She gets worried and talks to Dr Rustam. Adi scolds her. essed up. He says focus on your work, not mine. I don’t like sharing my personal space with anyone. Sheela says Adi is after your dream and you want to impress him, what do you want to prove, that she is a good wife. He says Ayesha knows what to expect from this relation. Nani says but she is his wife, this is wrong. Adi messages Ayesha that he is sorry. Adi comes to Ayesha and sees her having icecream. She has called him there to spend the day with him and make him busy and tired so that he gets sleep at tired without the medical sleeping pills. They come back at night. Ayesha asks him to sleep. Avantika sees Adi and Ayesha come home so late. Adi says it was a fantastic day.

Avantika asks what about work. He says luckily I have Rubel, who takes all the work. yesha comes to see Adi and sees him working with some people. He asks why did she not sleep. She asks him what happened, why is she punishing others if he does not get sleep, I know you take pills to get sleep. He cries and says he has Pankhudi’s memories with him, and maybe his mum is right, that I could not accept her death, so I find her in night’s darkness and I will keep finding it all my life. Ayesha says but Adi, you can’t depend on this pills all your life. Adi says this heart does not understand anything, and I need pills to get sleep. She says you asked for my trust being a friend, now I m asking it.

Ayesha thinks sorry Adi, your sleeping pills bottle will have vitamin tablets now, I m breaking my promuse but I won’t let you break down. She says habits are for mind, maybe this will make him get sleep by this. Sheela catches Ayesha with the pills and is mistaken. Ayesha explains her everything. Sheela confirms with Adi. Adi says yes, but I don’t get sleep at night. Sheela comes in her room and says Pankhudi, you left and Adi’s happiness is gone, I will talk to Dr. Rustam in morning to confirm. Avantika scolds Ayesha asking her to be away from Adi. Ayesha tells Nani about Adi’s sleeping disorder. She says change his habit, you don’t let me be alone and make him have any new habit. What will Ayesha do to make Adi free from sleeping pills? Will Avantika see Ayesha’s goodness and accept her? Keep reading.