Naina Singh : “I’m not someone who sits and dreams”

Actress Naina Singh who is known for her fierce and nuanced personality ever since she first appeared in Splitsvilla captivated several hearts in a very short span of time. The KumKum Bhagya actress opened up on how just merely dreaming doesn’t works but one has to make their dreams come true by persuading them recklessly.

Naina asserts “I’m not someone who sits and dreams. If I think of something, I follow it, and just do it. Dreaming is for people who sleep. I’m someone who loves to be in reality and follow my dreams”

Like every other outsider, Naina also had her own share of struggles which contributed massively in making her the person she is today. Talking about the same, Singh said “It took a lot of hardwork and also disappointments along the way. But I’m someone who’s born with a lot of patience and faith. I honestly didn’t even think whether I want to be part of this industry or not”

It is been speculated that the actress is going to be a part of the 14th season as it’s ‘confirmed contestant’. However the Splitsvilla winner hasn’t given any confirmation on the same. But wouldn’t we all love to watch this entertainment package enter the house to add up more spice which is currently running at a languid pace?

On the professional front, Naina who won the 10th season of Splitsvilla was last seen as Rhea Mehra in KumKum Bhagya.

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