Naamkarann: Neil meets Avni but there’s a twist

Mumbai: The makers of Star Plus’ popular daily Naamkarann are doing their best to engage the audience with nail-biting tracks. Post the introduction of the time leap, the audience is eagerly waiting for the reunion of the lead pair.

Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) were separated just before the leap. However, interestingly, both end up being in the same NGO years later. The hide and seek game between the duo has already begun and it seems, it will run for some time.

In the upcoming episode, the film star Karan (Zaan Khan) will throw a party of which even Avni will be a part. In the same party, Neil being his bodyguard will also be present. Things will take an interesting turn when Avni will be pushed by Karan on the stage to sing a song. Avni will see Neil in the party. In this situation of dilemma, Avni will use her brains.

But how, you ask?

Well, she will agree to go on the stage to sing but with a masquerade mask. She will sing with the mask on to safeguard her identity from Neil. And she will be successful in her plan.

Nonetheless, Neil will see Avni in the party. He will see a glimpse of the lady. However, he will be so drunk that he will believe that she is just a part of his imagination.

What do you think about Naamkarann?

So the audience’s wait to see the reunion of the duo will be longer.

Are you excited for the episode?

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