Mouli Ganguly REVEALS the reason behind her long break from TV and returning with &TV’s Baal Shiv

Renowned actor Mouli Ganguly will be seen portraying the pivotal character of Mahasati Anusuya in &TV’s mythological show, Baal Shiv. Mouli talks about her character, excitement in the show, and many more in a candid conversation.

Mythology portrays very strong women characters. What is your take on it?

In Indian mythology, the role of women is quite significant. There are so many stories of them personifying strong characters and playing various roles of a mentor, incomparable guardian, and best friend for their children. I am lucky to play one such character on screen. As Mahasati Anusuya, I will get an opportunity to guide and impart the best knowledge to my son Baal Shiv. Besides this, the character offers me a fantastic chance to explore and highlight the different dimensions of Anusuya’s personality. She is a loyal and devoted wife to Rishi Atri, a guiding force to Baal Shiv and her other students at Gurukul.

What are your expectations from the show?

The role of Mahasati Anusuya is rewarding as well as a big responsibility. The shooting is going on quite well. We have been shooting back-to-back to ensure the bank of episodes is ready. There is excitement, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the show to go on air. As for our viewers, there is much intrigue and interest around ‘Baal Shiv’, as I said before. So, I am confident that they are equally excited and looking forward to it. I am sure the concept will resonate with our viewers, and they will appreciate our work. We do hope to receive a good response.

You were not seen on television for some time. What did you do during this gap?

Lockdown happened and our priorities changed. I did a web show in the meantime. I would love to do more pivotal meaty roles on OTT platforms and content that I love to watch as an audience. I would love to essay roles that challenge and ignites the artiste in me.

Is this your second mythological show? What draws you towards this genre?

Mythological shows are very challenging as a genre. The language, the costume everything is challenging. It is never a one-person show. A lot of team efforts go into the making of the show. And being an actor, I love challenges as it helps me to explore my acting skills. Everything is different in mythological shows, from language to body gestures to the feel of the character; a lot of homework needs to be done to get into the character’s skin. It is exciting, thrilling as well as magical for me. Baal Shiv is one of its kind, making it an even better experience for both the actors and the viewers.

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