I am waiting to play the real me onscreen, Sejal and I don’t relate to each other: Shiju Kataria on her character in Balika Vadhu 2, roles she would like to play, and more

Balika Vadhu 2 has turned into a household name with its gripping storyline, nail-biting twists, and more. Well, apart from Anandi and Jigar, the adorable Sejal aka Shiju Kataria has won hearts with her motherly love and care onscreen.

We got in touch with the gorgeous much and asked her about similarities with Sejal, characters she would like to play, and more. Check out what the beauteous had to say:

How relatable is Sejal to Shiju or any characters from your career span?

Shiju is very strong-headed, I have really found no character that has any similarity with myself. I take a stand for myself and I am a spiritual person, it is very difficult to find a character with such a personality. I don’t find such strong characters so I am writing one for myself that would be a better representation of myself or such strong characters. Talking about Sejal, I don’t relate to her as we are completely different but the character is quite interesting and the layers are yet to unfold.

How is your bond with Shreya and Vansh?

The kids are great, we share a great bond onset. I have a lot of fun working with them, they are really intelligent and despite being kids we get to learn a lot from them. When all of us get tired, they still have the energy and that also inspires us that we should also work more just like them.

Do you want to put yourself out on OTT?

Maybe Yes! But with OTT the good characters come with bold content and I am not comfortable with it. I can’t relate to them and that’s why I was waiting for something on TV. I was getting offers for web series but I couldn’t agree with them, that’s how I agreed for Balika Vadhu 2. There are very few actresses who are getting to do such strong roles.

There are short yet feel-good shows, how about those?

You rightly said, but I haven’t been offered such shows yet. Whatever I was offered had a little bit of bold content. If I get offered something that has a significant character and strong content barring bold I would love to do that for sure.

What kind of characters really interest you?

I would love to do strong women characters. Talking about Balika Vadhu, this is the first time I took a role where she doesn’t speak much but takes care of the whole family and becomes the backbone of the family. She is there everywhere, now Sejal will begin to take a stand for her son. I just wait for the track to completely open for the audience.

We can’t wait to see more of Sejal onscreen unveiling the layers.

For more exciting updates, stay tuned.

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