Looking at my struggle I see myself as a fighter, says Kamya Punjabi

Talented actress Kamya Punjabi has come a long way. She has been part of the television industry over decades now and has proved her mettle with acting chops in her each project.

In a chat with us, Kamya spoke about her plans post Shakti, how she is balancing personal and professional life, any plans to take up an OTT project and more.

Read on!

What are your plans after “Shakti”? Do you want to get back to work or take a break?

I’m not a person who would take a break after completing a show, but since I got married and my husband stays in Delhi so I went there to spend some quality time with my family. I also got a few offers which weren’t quite suitable for me. Apart from that I’m working and focusing on something which I can’t reveal as of now but soon you’ll know about it. And I want to work on something bigger than my role in “shakti”, as it’s my passion, I need my work satisfaction.

Daily TV serial demands for longer commitments, do you plan to work on OTT?

I’m open to those options as well because I’m an actor and I’m quite flexible with different platforms. Web series have a vast scope with respect to storytelling and location wise, while TV series are bound to sets so I didn’t get to explore much yet. So yes, I’m taking one show at a time and open to exploring more.

Since web series require shorter commitments and you get to play different roles in that time span, do you think it’s better?

I’m not scared of commitments, I’m a dedicated person whether the show runs for 10 years or 2 months I’ll give my 100%.

How are you balancing your professional and personal life?

I’ve been doing that for 12 years so it’s a piece of cake for me now. My daughter is 12 years old and she has her own life now. Also, her school is online now so I give her the space she requires. But when I went to Agra for 2 months that was a difficult time for me to stay away from her.

How is Shalabh as a husband?

He’s extremely supportive, understanding and kind. Even though being a non-actor, he understands the situation very well. He proves that if you really love someone, understanding the other person isn’t a big thing because it comes out naturally. Even while I was in Agra, he took all the precautions to keep us safe and supported me throughout that time. He’s a true blessing and my support system.

Do you think this is because he’s a non-actor and things would have been different if he was an actor too?

I can’t comment on that. It depends upon person to person whether he wants to support his partner or not.

How do you see your journey on a personal front? And how did you cope up with all the ups and downs you had in your life?

I won’t lie, it’s been a rollercoaster ride! Be it the birth of my daughter, separation with my first husband and then being a single working parent to give my daughter a good life that she deserves. It’s been very difficult and it’s been a struggle but I managed to survive. I see myself as a fighter and I’ll continue to fight back. My husband says, “you don’t have to work to make money, work because it’s your passion” and his support means the world to me. I’m relaxed and it feels good to be pampered now.

You’ve set an example to independent women who can rethink about finding a partner again, what’s your take on it?

Independent women aren’t answerable to anybody, but finding someone who supports and motivates you for being the way you are is priceless! And thankfully I have that in my life now. I never wanted to be dependent on someone else and wanted someone who would love and support me for being me, and Shalabh is that man.

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