Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi March 20, 2017 written update: Suhana finally calls Dev as her papa

Suhana goes into the room and inquires as to whether her leg is fine. The two get to know each other. In the morning, Sona gets up and goes out and sees Golu seething. When she gets some information about what happened, he discloses to her that a parent tossed stone at Dev to win and now Dev is harmed. Dev and Sona both get their leg harmed. Instructor comes then to enlighten them regarding a running rivalry between guardians.

Educator asks Suhana who will take an interest from her side and she says nobody as both are harmed. Dev says he will as Suhana’s dad.

Race begins and keeping in mind that running Dev’s harmed leg begins dying. Sona and Suhana take a gander at him unfortunately. Dev then hits his make a beeline for a pipe and tumbles down. Suhana revealed to Dev that she will call him dad when he picks up regard. She noisily yells “father” and Dev gets amazed.

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She cheerfully keeps running towards him and embraces him. Instructor gives the best parent-youngster trophy to Dev and Suhana.

Dev asks for Sona to give him a chance to go through one more day with Suhana and even she can join.

Dev then takes Suhana and Sona to a shelter. He discloses to them that in light of the fact that Suhana has acknowledged him as her dad, he needs to share this bliss by appropriating toys and nourishment to underprivileged kids. Sona gets inspired by this signal.

Suhana then tells Dev and Sona that she needs her folks to remain together. Dev reveals to her that he can’t be a decent spouse. Sona then says that it is possible that she will remain with them two or not with any of them. Dev and Sona stand confused.

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