Kokila meets Meera and finds out Radha’s truth in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Last week, we have seen how Gopi saves Rashi from burning alive in the wood box in Holika fire. Rashi is much thankful to her and promises to herself as the way Gopi saved her life, she will now save Gopi’s marriage. Gopi brings Rashi home and everyone are happy to see her. Rashi tells everyone that Gopi has saved her life and she was in big problem. Everyone are happy seeing Gopi’s efforts and goodness. They realize that Gopi is still selfless and helping others always. Hetal blesses Gopi for her kind favor to save Rashi and wants her to stay in the house forever.

Baa and Hetal talk to Rashi and she tells them that she will make sure that Ahem does not marry Radha and accepts Gopi as his wife. They all know that Ahem loves Gopi but he is suppressing his feeling being angry on her for the loss of Meera’s life. Ahem does not know that Meera is alive and it was all Radha’s plot. Ahem holds Gopi responsible for Meera’s death. Kokila and Ahem have a talk about Gopi that they can never forgive her and will not accept to give her rights. Rashi tells Hetal that she will get Gopi have her every right from Ahem and Kokila soon. Baa and Hetal are happy with Rashi for supporting Gopi.

Parag pacifies Baa by saying he will never allow Ahem to marry Radha and she need not worry about them. Baa is relieved. Radha overhears this and thinking of getting into Ahem’s heart and mind. Radha goes to talk to Ahem but Ahem is angry on her and does not get into her sweet talk. He asks her to get lost to which Radha thinks her tears also did not work on him. Its Holi’s day and Gopi greets everyone and is blessed by Baa and Hetal. They celebrate Holi well. Radha wants to apply color to Ahem but the kids make Radha get colored by cow dung. Radha gets angry and pushes Gopi. Gopi’s colors fall on Ahem’s face and Rashi says the right colors went from the right person to Ahem. Rashi, Baa and Hetal are happy seeing this.

Rashi makes bhang laddoos and wants Ahem to eat it so that he and Gopi can spend some time together. She keeps a sweet eating competition between Jigar and Ahem. Jigar eats all the bhang laddoos and Ahem eats the normal ones. Jigar acts dizzy and gets closer to Rashi shocking her. Everyone laugh seeing them like that. Rashi asks Gopi to go to Ahem’s room to meet him. Gopi is not aware of anything. Ahem hears what Rashi says and he feels Gopi has mixed the bhang in the laddoos and she wanted to unite with him making him lose his senses. He scolds Gopi for this cheap thing and does not believe her. Gopi tells him that she did not do anything, whether he believes her or not. Ahem yells on her saying he will give her divorce tomorrow and marry Radha on the same day.

Rashi feels bad and fires on Ahem defending Gopi. She tells him that she had mixed the bhang in the ladoos and Gopi was not knowing about it, it was not her mistake at all. Ahem scolds Rashi asking her not to interfere in his life. Hetal, Baa ask Kokila to think about Ahem’s decision as Gopi is right for him. Kokila is shaken up by Baa’s words and goes to the temple to talk to Maa. She cries stating her helpless heart which is angry on Gopi for Meera’s death. Kokila then sees Radha and Tripti talking and comes to know the whole truth that Radha was the one who has tried to kill Meera. Meera is still alive and living an orphan’s live in the temple. Kokila is shocked knowing Radha wants to ruin her family by marrying Ahem.

Kokila fires on Radha and Tripti. She slaps Radha. Tripti catches Kokila and asks Radha to go home and marry Ahem soon. Tripti does Kokila’s accident and when Ahem comes to know about his mum’s accident, he rushes to see her calling off his marriage with Radha. Radha is scared that Kokila will get well and tell her truth to everyone. What will Kokila do now after getting well? Will Ahem accept Gopi as his wife? Keep reading next week for more interesting updates about the show.