Ishita saves Raman from a fraud deal; Parmeet eyes Ishita with evil thoughts in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

It rains and brings some romantic moments between Raman and Ishita which the viewers wanted to see since long. Shagun gets jealous knowing from her friends that Raman and Ishita are in love and she can’t digest this fact. She thinks to check it out herself and lies to Ashok. She comes to meet Raman by making some reason. Raman and Ishita have a romantic hug under the apartment and Shagun gets more jealous seeing them hug. Raman says I love you Ishita and hugs her in the rain. Raman does this as he sees Ruhi watching them and he wants to make Ruhi happy showing her parents love each other. Ishita is surprised and does not know whats going on.

She pushes Raman and says how dare you touch me like this. Raman tells her that the hug was only for Ruhi. Ishita thinks he is lying and wanted to get closer. She leaves annoyed. Both of them have a catfight in the room but when Shagun comes there to check on them, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi makes her assume that Raman and Ishita are busy loving each other, as they are husband and wife and under the effect of rain. Shagun gets angry and leaves thinking how can Raman forget me and love Ishita. She comes home and Ashok makes a surprise for her. Ashok is in romantic mood and wants to love her, but Shagun is upset and can’t understand how can Raman love Ishita. Ashok is upset seeing Shagun making him away. Shagun can’t focus on her life with Ashok.

Parmeet sees Ishita is wet saree and eyes her evilly. He talks to her trying to stare at her. Ishita does not sense anything and leaves. Parmeet thinks to get Ishita soon. Raman’s voice gets mute by the effect of rain and he can’t speak. The doctor comes to check him and he tells him to avoid drinking and take rest. Raman has an important auction next day and he has to make the bidding for a special land which he needs for expanding his business. Mihir suggests Raman to take Ishita with them as Ishita understands his sign language and she can be his voice. Raman agrees and next day they go for the auction.

Ishita meets Mr. Goyal there, who is one of her regular patient and she has heard his conversations many times, she understands he is fraud and the deal won’t be good for Raman. The auction starts. Ashok comes there with Shagun and taunts Raman and Ishita. He says he will win the bidding today at any cost. Raman asks Ishita to make the bidding. Ashok says more. Raman asks Ishita to say much more than Ashok, but Ishita does not say anything, and stops Raman. Ashok wins the bidding and he gets the land. Raman gets angry on Ishita for not hearing him. Ashok speaks ill about him and leaves with Shagun smiling.

Raman comes home and tells his family what Ishita did. Everyone get angry on Ishita and scolds her. Then comes the ashtami puja which Raman and Ishita have to do together. Raman is annoyed and keeps distance from her, but has to do the puja for the sake of the family and Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla switches on the tv and all of them see the news. They come to know that Mr. Goyal is fraud and the auction was of a loss. Ashok keeps a press conference boasting about himself, and there comes police to tell them about his major loss. Ashok is shattered. Everyone watching this are happy that Ishita saved Raman from a fraud deal. Raman looks at Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to apologize to Ishita for being angry on her.

Raman tries to talk to Ishita but does not get a chance as she is busy with the guests at home. Raman leaves for office. There is a MLA death and a curfew is held. Raman stucks at office with Mihir and tells him that he will apologize to Ishita when he goes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to have food at the office itself. Raman asks her to tell Ishita not to go out. Mrs. Bhalla throws a house party and invites Iyers and all the apartment ladies. Parmeet comes to know that Raman is staying at the office at night and Ishita will be alone. He plans to spend some time with her by mixing something in her drink. Parmeet makes a evil plan. Will Ishita be able to save herself from Parmeet’s evil eye? Keep reading..