Here’s why Karishma Tanna is getting ‘OLDER AND WISER’!

MUMBAI: Karishma Tanna is one of the most renowned faces of the entertainment industry.

She has entertained the masses on-screen and continues to do so off-screen too. Over the past few months, Karishma has transformed magically by dedicating herself to fitness, and she looks like a diva. One simply cannot stop ogling at her!

Karishma is pretty active on Instagram and often posts pictures of her workout, travelling, and some of her personal life. She is one actor who is always on the go. While glancing through her Instagram stories, we happened to spot a moral message shared by her, which stated that the older she gets, the more she wants to stay away from negativity that involves drama, conflict and stress.

She wants to stay at a cozy home surrounded by happy people.

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