Dev questions Durga about Nitya and Payal; Durga succeeds in exposing Ganguly in Ek Hasina Thi

Dev meets Durga at her home and asks her about Payal. Durga is shocked to hear Payal’s name from Dev and lies to him that she does not know any Payal. Dev understands he is lying and asks her about the cake she ordered for Payal on her birthday and that too exactly of the same combination. She gets tensed and tells him that she knows Payal as she meet her when she got roped and was wandering o the road being homeless and without any support. She tells Dev that she has helped Payal and admitted her to a rehab centre. She says Payal got mentally ill which shocks Dev. He asks her how does she know about Payal. Durga tells him about Nitya and that she has died.

Dev says he won’t believe that Nitya died and will find her, as his heart says Nitya is waiting for him somewhere. He asks more about Payal and says he wants to meet her. Durga says no, it can’t be possible, because of Shaurya, as Payal was becoming better but again went back in pain because of him. Dev doubts Shaurya. Dayal comes and meets Dev. Dayal says we respect the court’s verdict and we care about Payal and we respect Goenkas.Dev thinks to find out what really happened with Payal and gets a strong doubt on Shaurya.

Shaurya gives a good presentation at office which makes Sakshi proud of him. Durga is puzzled. Shaurya ignores Durga and she wonders why. She tells him that Dev came to meet her. Shaurya is shocked and warns why is Dev after Durga. Durga meets Sagarika at a restaurant knowing that Ganguly too is going there with Nandini. Ganguly persuades Nandini to sleep with him and blackmails her. Nandini agrees and they go in a hotel room. Durga shows this to Sagarika cleverly. Sagarika is shocked seeing her dad and her best friend in a compromised situation. She stands out of the room and sees them coming out after few hours. Sagarika comes home and tells the truth to her mum. Sagarika meets Nandini too and asks her why did she agree to her dad’s favors. Nandini tells her the truth that Ganguly has threatened her, else he will ruin her family. Nandini says she was helpless and had no other option.

Her mum tells her that this is not the first time your dad is having an affair, and this has been going on since many years. Sagarika is shocked and gets angry. Her mum asks her not to do anything. Ganguly comes home and Sagarika confronts him about having an affair with Nandini. Ganguly gets angry and slaps her. Her mum comes in between and tries to stop him. Ganguly drags his wife to the room and beats her a lot. Durga sees this on the video and cries. She records everything to expose Ganguly in his 25th marriage anniversary.

Dev tries to know about Payal and asks his lawyer friend Sonali to take Payal’s rape case papers from the court. Sonali succeeds in doing this. Akash sees her and informs Durga. Durga rushes to see who is involved with Sonali, but fails to see Dev, as Shaurya comes in between and makes Durga busy. Dev sees them and hides. Sonali asks Dev to be careful and this can affect the Goenka family. The anniversary party starts and Goenkas also come. Shaurya makes a DVD in which he made a praising video for Ganguly to give him a tribute calling him the best teacher one can ever have. Durga thinks how Ganguly misbehaved with Payal. She changes the DVD.

The video plays and it has all Ganguly’s bad acts. Ganguly gets exposed and everyone is shocked seeing this. Ganguly asks his wife to tell everyone that it’s a lie. Sagarika tells that her dad is an animal and he has really ruined many girls’ lives. Ganguly is about to slap her, but his wife stops him. She slaps him hard and tells that all this is true. She takes Sagarika and leaves from there. Everyone feel ashamed of Ganguly and withdraw their support from him now. Ganguly breaks down and cries. Durga tells Shaurya that he did a very good job to expose such an animal. Shaurya is puzzled thinking who changed the DVD. Durga smiles seeing Ganguly broken down. Dev tells Durga that he will drop her home and thinks to ask her more about Nitya and Payal. Shaurya warns Dev to be away from Durga as she belongs to him, and he does not want brothers to fight for a girl. Who will be Durga’s next target? Keep reading.